Upcoming Events.  The VIVO community is very active, organizing and presenting and gathering at events around the world.  Do you know of upcoming events where you or other members of the VIVO community will be presenting?  Edit the wiki page Conferences Attended and to Attend or drop us a note of any event that may have VIVO content, be of interest to the VIVO community, or provides an opportunity for VIVO community members to gather and discuss VIVO.  Here are some upcoming events:

  • Workshop: VIVO as a Current Research Information System in Practice, September 9, TIB Hanover
  • International Semantic Web Conference, October 11-15, Bethlehem, PA
  • Duraspace Europe, Spring, 2016 TBA
  • Force 11, April 17-19, 2016 Portland, OR
  • VIVO Hackathons, Sprints, Training, TBA
  • VIVO Implementation Fest, March TBA
  • Duraspace Summit, March, Washington DC
  • Mozilla Science Lab Global Sprint, Online, June 2016
  • Open Repositories, June 13-18, 2016 Dublin
  • VIVO Conference 2016, August 17-19, 2016, Denver Colorado

More on VIVO 2016.  VIVO 2016 will be held August 17-19 in Denver Colorado at the Marriott City Center.  Mark your calendars!  Want to help?  We are looking for volunteers in all areas – program, logistics, marketing, sponsorship, awards and more.  The VIVO 2016 Conference Planning Task Force is forming.  Have a question?  Drop us a note.

Workgroups.  Our workgroups are the centerpiece of community involvement.  The chairs of the work groups organize calls that typically feature presentation of VIVO related work, and/or discussion of issues related to all aspects of VIVO – implementation, outreach, ontology, software development, community engagement and much more.  The call schedules are available on VIVO Event Calendar.  A summary is provided below:

  • On Tuesdays, all calls are held at 1 PM eastern US time:
    • Apps and Tools.  Every four weeks.  Next call is September 8.
    • Ontology.  Every four weeks.  Next call is August 25.
    • Outreach and Engagement.  Every four weeks.  Next call is  September 15.
    • Every fourth week is an open date with no work group call on Tuesday.
    • Some meetings are canceled.  Check the calendar for call details.
  • On Thursday, all calls are held at 1 PM eastern US time.
    • Implementation and Development has a call every week.

Newcomers are always welcome on all calls.  I hope you will consider attending one or more of these calls.  There are many interesting people doing quite a bit of interesting work and asking (and answering!) many interesting questions.  Each work group has a wiki area with material regarding past and future calls.  See Apps and Tools Interest GroupVIVO-ISF Ontology Working GroupImplementation Interest Group and Outreach and Engagement Interest Group for details.



Mike Conlon
VIVO Project Director