New Steering Group Members.  I'm very pleased to announce that we have three new members of the VIVO Steering Group.  Alex Viggio of Symplectic, Julia Trimmer of Duke and Andi Ogier of Virginia Tech have been elected from nominations made by the Leadership Group.  They will join Dean B. KrafftJon Corson-RikertPaul AlbertRobert H. McDonaldMelissa Haendel and Kristi Holmes on the Steering Group.  The group meets each week along with myself, Jonathan Markow and debra hanken kurtz of Duraspace to review progress, discuss strategy and set direction for VIVO.  This week, two additional members will be elected by the community liaisons representing each VIVO member institution.

Become a VIVO Member.  VIVO member institutions support the VIVO project with annual contributions starting as low as $2,500 per year (discounts available for institutions in developing countries.)  Membership is critically important for the project, supporting all efforts to improve the software, develop community, spur adoption, and organize events.  For a list of member benefits, see About Membership on the Duraspace web site.

The VIVO Conference is August 12-14 in Cambridge, MA.  Perhaps you have heard that we are holding the sixth annual VIVO Conference in Cambridge, MA, August 12-14.  It's not too late to register.  The conference will have outstanding keynotes, invited talks, panels, workshops, posters, and provides a fantastic opportunity to meet and discuss VIVO with people you been working with on-line.  Hope to see you in Cambridge.  Register here: VIVO Conference Registration.

Dagstuhl Seminar.  I had the privilege of being invited to participate in a week long seminar/workshop in Dagstuhl Germany this past week.  The seminar title was Digital Scholarship and Open Science in Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences.  I presented on VIVO and its role in a digital ecosystem for scholarship.  The invitees will develop a position paper to be completed in January 2016.  The role of VIVO in representing scholarship and in presenting an integrated view of the scholarly work of individuals and organizations plays a critical role in this emerging ecosystem.

Outreach and Engagement Work Group.  The Outreach and Engagement work group had its first call this past Tuesday.  Minutes are available here.  The group's next call will be August 18.  If you have an interest in helping to build VIVO community, please consider joining these calls.



Mike Conlon
VIVO Project Director