Conference Update.  James Onken, NIH, has accepted an invitation as a keynote speaker at the VIVO conference.  Dr. Onken is leading a new NIH initiative to develop a semantic NIH Portfolio Analysis and Reporting Data Infrastructure (PARDI) that leverages community data and requirements, including those from the VIVO community.  For more on the conference keynotes, see

Second call: Mozilla Science Global Sprint. The Mozilla Global Science team will hold its second annual global sprint on June 4-5.  See This is an opportunity for people in the open source science community to learn about VIVO, and a chance for us to spend a couple of days producing things of value for VIVO.  I plan to be on line those days contributing to the sprint.  See and please contact Alex Viggio if you have ideas about how we might participate. 

Web site task force forming.  The VIVO web site ( will be relaunched as a modern "one page" site focused on people new to VIVO, built around the Connect, Share Discover tag line and the value proposition.  The old site will be retired.  If you have skills in writing for the web and/or web graphical design, we could use your help.  A task force is forming.  See the draft charter at Please contact me if you would like to help.

Engagement and Outreach workgroup.  Are you interested in issues related to community engagement and outreach – both at the local level (engaging faculty, staff and students) and at the national level – partnering with related efforts around the world to foster representation of scholarship, production of open data regarding scholarship, and reusing data about scholarship?  We'd like to have a standing call on these issues.  If you are interested in attending, organizing or presenting on such a call, please contact Julia Trimmer or Kristi Holmes.

A roadmap process for VIVO.  We will be launching an open roadmap process for VIVO very shortly.  We are particularly interested in features that you would be willing to contribute your effort, or the effort of people at your organization, to build.  We are not looking for "use cases" nor "JIRA issues."  We are looking for higher-level features that can directly benefit you as an end user of VIVO, as a steward of VIVO at your organization, and/or as a technologist.  These features will generate "sprints" – concerted effort to build something of value together.  VIVO moves forward when the community contributes its effort to features of value.  We hope the new roadmap process will generate contributed effort for improvements. 

Got a question or comment? If at any time you have any comment or question about the project, please feel free to send me an email.  I’d love to hear from you.



Mike Conlon
VIVO Project Director