VIVO in Europe. I am writing this update from Barcelona where I am attending a joint CASRAI/ORCID event to promote open scholarship and an open scholarly ecosystem.  VIVO plays a critical role in these efforts.  I hope to learn more and promote VIVO in collaboration with European partners.  If you have ideas regarding VIVO in Europe – how adoption can be encouraged, and relationships to other activities at European universities and research institutes, please share your ideas with any member of the Steering Group.

Tech Lead Search.  The search committee has identified candidates for the VIVO Tech Lead position.  The candidates will be scheduled for open calls with the VIVO community.  Anyone can attend.  Look for email regarding dates and times for these important calls.

Task force work continues.  The four current task forces continue their work.  The asset task force asked for comments on its inventory of VIVO assets.  Thanks to those who provided feedback.  Contributed software continues their efforts to recommend processes for community created software to become distributed with the VIVO core.  The User Stories Task Force produced their first story – VIVO at Brown – you can find it on the VIVO blog at  Great work! I met with the Implementation Documentation task force.  They are creating an outline of materials site's need to put up a VIVO, fill it with data, maintain it, and support various uses.  Please contact the task force chairs or members with your thoughts and contributions on any of these efforts.  You can find the task forces in the left hand menu on the home page of the VIVO wiki. 

 Leadership Group meeting June 2.  In a couple of weeks, the VIVO Leadership Group will have their quarterly meeting.  They will review progress since the March meeting at the Duraspace Summit, review the budget and consider a proposal to increase the size of Steering Group.  If your institution is not yet participating in the Leadership Group, you may wish to consider your level of membership and how you might participate.  The Leadership Group meets again at the conference.

 Membership drive.  VIVO is always seeking new members – organizations that can financially support VIVO or commit significant developer time to the improve VIVO.  You can find information regarding membership in VIVO on the Duraspace web site at 

Got a question or comment? If at any time you have any comment or question about the project, please feel free to send me an email.  I’d love to hear from you.



Mike Conlon
VIVO Project Director