VIVO 1.8 was released this week. The news doesn’t get much bigger than that!  You can download the software from the VIVO web site at and find the release notes in the wiki at I want to personally thank Jim Blake, Jon Corson-Rikert and the team of developers and committers who worked on the release! 

I was very glad to see people stepping forward to immediately support the release.  We had numerous contributions to the wiki changing language to reflect 1.8, and the implementation and development call this week was devoted to 1.8 improvements.  See 

VIVO Vagrant was updated by Ted Lawless to version 1.8.  You can find VIVO Vagrant at GitHub at  And Justin Littman produced a Docker for VIVO 1.8.  See 

The Asset and Inventory Task Force needs your help.  The task force has completed a first draft of the VIVO assets/inventory.  This is a list of all the VIVO web sites, repositories, email its and other “stuff” that VIVO has accumulated as a project.  We need your review.  Please see If you notice assets are missing, have questions, feel that the characterization of the asset could be improved, please drop us a note.

The task force will incorporate your feedback, and begin to develop recommendations for the assets.  The general principle appears to be “less is more.”  Reducing redundancy and focusing effort on primary assets — GitHub, the Wiki, the Web Site, and several more — should improve the ability for new people to join the project.

Conference update. Each year, the VIVO conference sponsors a competition for software applications using VIVO data. The winner will receive an award and will be recognized during the conference. Start thinking of your submissions now and stay on the lookout for more information!  Registration is now open.  See  The $375 Early Bird registration rate is available through June 19th.  

Got a question or comment? If at any time you have any comment or question about the project, please feel free to send me an email.  I’d love to hear from you.



Mike Conlon
VIVO Project Director