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=Note change in time – this call will be held at 1 pm Eastern time, not 3 pm=


  • Updates
    • Cornell – preparing for v1.3 migration and a server move
    • Florida – preparing to move the hosting and upgrade VIVO; Nick Skaggs is helping Thomson Reuters install and test the Harvester
    • Indiana – discussion reported below
    • Weill - Cornell – doing a large Pubmed ingest (34,000 publications on a test server). Finding journal duplicates
    • Colorado
    • Other:

Indiana report

Chin Hua reported on work at Indiana

  • they are using hourly help until a new developer is hired
  • working on improving visualizations and soliciting feedback, especially on the maps of science
    • new topic matches to journals have been added based on analysis of journals from 2000-2010
  • would like to see a more standardized list of journals
    • perhaps using JAbbr journal discovery service
    • question – would a Google Refine reconciliation service be useful? where could the list be hosted? on Kasabi
  • would like to get new sites added to the NRN visualization
    • would like to explore how to know when a new VIVO instance is online – a place has been added on the wiki homepage for sites to self-register, but most new sites stay behind firewalls until local review leads to approval for public release
    • are manually tracking changes to counts at the moment
  • Concerns/Questions
  • Demos
    • Stony Brook
  • Release 1.4 planning
  • New content on the wiki
    • updates to the Ontology section
    • Weill Cornell user stories

VIVO Updates

put an item here if you have something to share about your VIVO site or VIVO-related development work


if you have something to demo, mention it here

Call-in Information

1. Please join my meeting, Thursday, September 22 at 01:00 PM EDT.

2. Call in using your telephone, or use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended to avoid echo problems.

Dial 630-869-1015
Access Code: 232-787-753
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

Meeting ID: 232-787-753

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