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  • Attending institution updates
    • main institutions
      • Current features in development
    • mini-grants
      • grant goal
  • U. Rochester - intellectual property

Brief Presentation

  • Harvester Tool Explanations
    • Transfer
    • JenaConnect

Issue References

Concerns / Requests

  • Ontological investigation into position relationships

Meeting Minutes


  • Current features in development
    • UF
      • Documentation Overhaul
      • Reproducible DSR harvest
    • Indiana
      • Science map visualization
        • Met with Leslie Macnitosh
      • Testing Visualizations
    • Cornell
      • search improvement trying to optimize for time.
      • Semantic relivance implemented
      • user accounts updating nice way of validation
      • SMTP connection to send emails.
      • Request of RDF including context node date items position and roles.
        • Extra syntax for “include” for person publications etc. Performance a concern
      • UI team
        • Nick and miles national search. Drupal website coming along.
        • Brian a build of vitro has a front end, and can be built on its on.
        • Better interface for menu pages.
        • SDB performance improvements
        • listening improvements
        • Refining ontology
          • Licenses and certifications.
          • Organizer
          • Reviewer
          • 50 US states get individual
    • vivo widgets
      • Documentation
    • Google Refine
      • import data from a vivo site
        • create RDF
      • updated documentation with images
    • Joomla!
      • Trying to use SPARQL endpoints

U Rochester - postponed

Harvester Explanation

Issue References

  • vivoharv-71 Date needs remapping XSL to be adjusted

Concerns / Requests
Ontological investigation into position relationships

  • Ontology VUE maps.
  • Stella recommending member role. Rather than direct .
  • Derived graph generation may simplify issue.

Corporate Authorships - revisited.

  • Ontology investigation
  • may be mentioned next call