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Scope: List of all documentation pertaining to ISNI guidelines and specific how tos

Created by: John Hostage (Harvard), Amy Armitage (Harvard)

Documentation most useful to new ISNI users is noted in magenta.

Documentation from ISNI


ISNI Q&A Between HarvardQT and ISNIQT/OCLC Note: content of permanent value from this page has been added to the appropriate documentation. Use the Participant questions and answers page instead.

Data Contributor Usage Guidelines: containing information on how batch loaded matching relies on particular data elements; guidelines for modifying existing ISNI records and adding new records (Word doc, 15 p., version 2.0, 2012)

ISNI Data Elements: Valid Values: list of database element names with their equivalent display names in the back-end ISNI database, and list of valid data values and format requirements (Word doc, 16 p., version 25, 2014)

ISNI Data Quality Policy

ISNI Search Terms (PDF, 12 p., version 3.0, 2017)

Other ISNI documentation from the ISNI website, including FAQ

ISNI database fields:

Creation class codes:

Tips and helpful hints

Web interface

ISNI field mappings: Maps fields from ISNI web portal to ISNI MARC21 and PICA fields. See more here: Appendix 1 - Marc & PICA codings

useful! ISNI Web Interface Usage Guidelines (PDF, 34 p., 2016) are available from ISNI's Documents Related to Data Submission

WinIBW client

How to use the WinIBW client

WinIBW 3 Product Description (PDF, 126 p., version 2.7 of document for WinIBW 3.7; updated 18 Nov. 2013)

ISNI Manual

do not use these as they are out of date

useful!1. Introduction & overview (PDF; 15 pages)

2. Searching & Navigation (PDF; 48 pages)

3. ISNI data on WinIBW (PDF; 19 pages)

4. Editing (merging, enhancing, etc.; PDF; 99 pages)

5. Enduser Queries (processing information submitted through public website; mostly for use by ISNI QT; PDF; 42 pages)

6. Public database (describes using the public database on website; much of it applies also to web editing interface; PDF; 28 pages)

7. Organisations - ISNI policy and practice (linking to related organizations and persons; name changes; PDF; 31 pages)


Appendix 1 - MARC & PICA codings (guide to fields and subfields arranged by MARC field no.; PDF; 13 pages)

Appendix 2 - ISNI discussion paper on pseudonyms (PDF; 5 pages)

Appendix 3 - Additional Search Options (PDF; 5 pages)

Appendix 4 - ISNI background processing (PDF; 2 pages)

Appendix 5 (New) - Downloading individual fields from WinIBW guide (PDF; 13 pages)

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