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Discussion items

2 minHousekeeping and updates

Next in-person meeting:

  • Reminders:
    • Sept. 24 - 26
    • Schedule is available
    • Same meeting room as before (Biomedical Library Events Room)
    • Happy hour appetizers provided 9/25
2 minCommunity involvement 
  • Plan for drafted specifications:
    • Announcement
    • Comments due Sept. 6
    • Wed. Aug 14 - Email to samvera-community, samvera-partners, and samvera-tech. Post in Slack. Sibyl will send to DPscollab.

    • Mon. Aug 26 - Follow-up email and post to Slack for feedback.

    • Thurs., Sept 6 - Final email and post to Slack for feedback. Deadline extended to COB today.

6 minUser story question

1) Question from the specification writers: Can you preserve a version in-between versions? Is this a use case that should be supported? From the repository perspective, hope was to be able to avoid the need to specify what the version ID needs to be. I've got an old repo and I'd like to preserve it's history back to the past. Create object x version 1 and version 3 and come back to create version 2

Answer: no

40 min

Review specs to see if they fulfill user stories


  • 24 user stories, 3 meetings before in-person = 8 stories per meeting
  • 6.25 minutes per user story
  • Finalized list, incorporating community feedback
  • Bill's notes on the final 6 user stories (listed in red)
10 minUser interfaces neededSibyl Schaefer

First attempt to map user stories to interfaces 

Action items