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ACTION ITEMS (From Last Time):

Agenda & Notes

  • Review Date Property changes:
    • Decision from last meeting: "Data Providers SHOULD include published on the the activity for when the activity was made available in the stream, and updated on the object for when the change to the entity actually occurred."
  • Plan for remaining work for this phase.
    • Clean up
      • LOC
        • Kevin will take the lead on this.
      • Do we want an analogous 7.2 for Getty?
        • Would be useful to make clear the processing distinctions. 
        • TODO make section 7 an appendix and add section for Getty.
          • Dave will take the lead.
    • General editing for grammar and consistency,
      • Nancy, Christine, and Jeff will take the lead.
        • Check for broken links
    • Proofread json examples
      • Jeff will take the lead.
    • Review/prune context:
      • Steven can take a pass, Simeon will review.
    • Review diagram:
      • Make diagram black and white (for high contrast), and dotted border for Patches, and a Note about required and optional. (Steven)
    • Do we want to say more about Term/Entity/Object types? Or leave that to implementors.
      • Is Term defined in the context? No.
      • Decision typing isn't require but encouraged if the stream heterogenous. Need to define the types in the context. Can remove Term from our examples
        • Create an issue and tagging David Newberry.
        • Type is available in the stream for consumer convenience, to truly know the type dereference the Object URI.
        • Include an example with the URI, no need to extend our context.
    • Are we missing anything?

Meeting Materials


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