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Agenda & Notes

  • Confirm details on removing Split and Merge
    • Rely on patch or... useInstead/seeAlso in the Activity?
    • From Slack: I think one of the challenges for Splits and Merges would be I don't think there's a consistent way datasets represent "use instead". We could try to make recommendations for this, maybe an optional replacedBy in our namespace to describe Deprecated Activities that could be be used for any Split or Merge. For partial Splits and partial Merges (where the original entity isn't Deprecated), maybe we could have an Update Activity with an optional seeAlso in our namespace. These would only be possible though if the underlying data can support it.
      • TODO - Steven to create a deferred Issue to capture the conversation for future discussion. We will not attempt to define a payload for the Activities that result in splits and merges to tell what entity to use instead or also consider.
  • (Did not discuss) Date properties
    • When to use the following in our context:
      • endTime property definition
        • Getty usage - used on each Activity, the value is the same as for the "created" property (see issues with "created" below)
        • LOC usage - not used presently.
      • startTime property definition
        • Getty usage - not used presently.
        • LOC usage - not used presently.
      • published property definition
        • Getty usage? - not used presently.
        • LOC usage - used for each Activity Object like "Add" or "Remove" or "Update."  I.e., not used for each Object of an Activity.   Represents when the Activity Object was 'published.'
      • updated property definition
        • Getty usage - not used presently.
        • LOC usage - used for each Object of an Activity.  Represents the (last) 'update' date of the Object which is the focus of the Activity.
      • deleted property definition
        • Getty usage - not used presently.
        • LOC usage  - not used presently.
      • 'created' - is used by Getty, but understood not to be an AS property; this will be dropped by JSON-LD tooling (ok, because redundant with endTime value)
    • Not discussed

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