Steven, Christine, Vitus, Kevin, Dave


Simeon, Nancy L

ACTION ITEMS (From Last Time):

TODO add language to the Create vs. Add section.

TODO Steven to ping David. 


  • Discuss past meetings TODOs
    • Resolve changes to Create vs. Add
    • Make decision about Deletes and Deprecate.
      • See thread on slack with David.
        • Getty is using Delete for deprecating. We could add language that says Delete and Deprecate can be use to stay stop using this entity. For Delete the URI may or may not be dereferenceable. For Deprecate we could define it such that it must remain dereferenceable. We could define Delete in the same namespace as a formal Delete, and reserve the as:Delete as more wiggly. Or we could ask Getty to map their definition of Delete to our definition of Deprecate. We could just define Deprecate and assume Delete usage complies with AS's definition; catalogers and other actors will possibly understand a data provider's practices if they differ. 
          • TODO Bring the "decision" to define Deprecate, and keep AS Delete for truly deprecated to the group.
      • Once decisions are made change section to "Making an entity obsolete"
  • For next time... How does our definition of Deprecate/Updates/Deletes relate to merges and splits?
  • Date properties
    • When to use the following in our context:
      • endTime property definition
        • Getty usage - used on each Activity, the value is the same as for the "created" property (see issues with "created" below)
        • LOC usage - not used presently.
      • startTime property definition
        • Getty usage - not used presently.
        • LOC usage - not used presently.
      • published property definition
        • Getty usage? - not used presently.
        • LOC usage - used for each Activity Object like "Add" or "Remove" or "Update."  I.e., not used for each Object of an Activity.   Represents when the Activity Object was 'published.'
      • updated property definition
        • Getty usage - not used presently.
        • LOC usage - used for each Object of an Activity.  Represents the (last) 'update' date of the Object which is the focus of the Activity.
      • deleted property definition
        • Getty usage - not used presently.
        • LOC usage  - not used presently.
      • 'created' - is used by Getty, but understood not to be an AS property; this will be dropped by JSON-LD tooling (ok, because redundant with endTime value)

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