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From Last Meeting - Review documents and create issues ( for area of discussion.

This Week

  • totalItems
  • oldest → new/persistence, pages vs. dates
  • Removing Nesting
  • Removing RDF Patch, or make it a MAY instead of RECOMMENDED
  • Partnerships/input: e.g. OCLC, SVDE, Getty, MESH/NLM


  • Discuss issues created by the group

Meeting Materials


Simeon: Apologies I can't attend. Have submitted two trivial PRs to fix minor issues ( & I also created two issues for things that seem unclear from my read through ( and and will be happy to work on edits if there is agreement on direction.

Discussion notes here 

  • totalItems -difficult to know what's being counted with nesting occurring. TODO once a decision is made about nesting, make sure totalItem examples are correct according to ActivityStreams spec.
  • oldest → new/persistence, pages vs. dates
    • Steven to introduce flexibility wrt dates vs. pages, direction should be consistent in within an OrderedCollection (ascending or descending)
  • Removing Nesting
    • Nesting is attempting to make clear that separate Activities are somehow related, might be applicable (we would just need to select the necessary properties)
    • Another option is treat each activity as atomic; rely on create, delete, and update and then consume an RDF payload either dereferencing the URI or using RDF Patch, etc.
    • TODO - Steven to draft recommendations for using Relationship, and alternatively where the expectation is to consume the payload. Pros of Relationship- normalization of base use cases (one way to do split/merges). Pros of payload option- RDF graph is self describing/doesn't require Activities extension.
  • Removing RDF Patch, or make it a MAY instead of RECOMMENDED
  • Partnerships/input: e.g. OCLC, SVDE, Getty, MESH/NLM 


  • Dave Eichmann
  • Nancy Fallgren
  • Steven Folsom
  • Kevin Ford
  • Greg Reeve
  • Vitus Tang


  • Simeon Warner
  • Christine Eslao
  • John Graybeal
  • Jim Hahn
  • Kirk Hess
  • Jesse Lambertson
  • Anna Lionetti
  • Alessandra Moi
  • Tizian Possemato
  • Erik Radio
  • Lynn Ransom
  • Lynette Rayle
  • Amanda Sprochi
  • Emma Thomson
  • Move anyone who wasn't able to attend here 

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