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  • Add vs. Create, Remove vs. Delete
  • Object Types - how to represent real world objects vs. authoritative metadata
  • Notifications vs. Cache updates - what do we recommend?

Meeting Materials


Recording: Action Types, Object Types, and Patch Documents (2021-11-08)


Add vs. Create and Remove vs. Delete

Add - "Indicates that the actor has added the object to the target. If the target property is not explicitly specified, the target would need to be determined implicitly by context. The origin can be used to identify the context from which the object originated."

  • presumes pre-existence and affiliating it with a new target (e.g. same term in a new repo)
  • what is the target?  the authority
  • what is the object?  the authority record
  • probably want to include a terminology section that includes these types of definitions.

Create - "Indicates that the actor has created the object."

  • assumes creation of something new with a new URI

Remove vs. Delete is similar.

Probably want to include all of these in the context and give examples of when you would want to use Add vs. Create

Scenario - A term is no longer used and gets replaced by a newer term.

  • seems like Deprecation + Create would be the best approach
  • problem is that some users still use the deprecated term
  • there will be a URI for the deprecated and a URI for the create
  • some headings leave LCSH and go to LCNAF - gets a new LCNAF URI, deprecate the LCSH

Notifications vs. Partial Cache vs. Cache updates - what do we recommend for rdf_patch document usage for each?

  • Notifications
    • no need for rdf_patch; just need URI and go look at the document if more info is needed
  • Partial cache
    • rdf_patch on each activity
    • partial can be defined as only some entities OR only some data about each entity OR both
    • provider doesn't want to be the one that filters data down for consumers
    • might be nice if provider can filter by activity type (e.g. only see ADD, or LabelChange)
  • Full Cache
    • rdf_patch for each activity vs. rdf_patch for a page of activities vs. full reload of entire cache
    • small authorities is fine for full reload
    • large authorities, better to process partial updates

Trivial cases <s><p><o>

Reification <p><p'><o>  # can be used for provenance of the assertion of <s><p><o> (e.g. who, when, etc.)

Future Topics

  • Notification to a single institution when a requested entity that was missing becomes available.  This will likely be outside the main change management stream.
  • Value of diagraming to express changes as a means of conveying information around where data is being produced, where it goes, etc.
  • Partial splits and partial merges.


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