From Last Meeting

  • Lynette - Update activity streams document to more closely follow the standard.

This Week

  • Lynette - Followup in slack about some of the remaining questions.
  • Vitus - provide examples of types that would be used with entities and types that would be used with authorities


Meeting Materials


Recording: Activity Streams - Using Instrument Property to Express Change (2021-08-30)


Notes were taken directly in the Activity Streams document as comments with general discussions captured here.

Meaning of id vs. url

Activity streams are Json-ld

  • id - self referential
  • url - same url but with json - provides the feed in a different format - based on documentation, link to the same thing 

How to refer back to authority for context?

Perhaps use author property on the entry authority stream.

There is also a context property.

self referential id may be confusing for less technical, but mostly geared toward machine readable 

Process question

Cache copy of LC records, but don't regularly refresh.  Only have headings they use.  Probably refreshed many years ago.  Can we use the activity stream?

Can we receive an update without a full dump?

Simple answer, is yes, why not?  

Using regular base downloads + activity streams requires that the activity stream covers all changes between the two base downloads.

Need to describe basic usage process for...

  • full cache
  • partial cache
  • interest in specific types

Type property of object

MARC subfield 0 is the authority

MARC subfield 1 is the real world object

How does LC plan to present the RWO vs authority?  Will there be two streams?  Perhaps.  Each authority will have to make a decision on that.

Generally organizing activity streams, would type be used to identify entity type vs. source?

Have a separate stream per source as opposed to provider.  Ex. LC subjects, LC names would each be different

Authority vs. Entity

NameTitle - authority focused

Work - entity focused

Likely this will be known based on the source of the activity stream.

Future Topics

  • Notification to a single institution when a requested entity that was missing becomes available.  This will likely be outside the main change management stream.
  • Value of diagraming to express changes as a means of conveying information around where data is being produced, where it goes, etc.
  • Partial splits and partial merges.


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