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Please read all of the way through before booking any travel. If you have any question about whether something will be reimbursable, please contact Kim Kay at


Travel stipends are handled on a reimbursement basis. You pay your flight, hotel, meals, and any other expenses up front, and then submit receipts for reimbursement after the trip. You will then receive reimbursement up to the amount of your travel stipend.

Expenses are expected to be reasonable. There is no specific limit for reasonable, except for the following:

  • Flight: only economy class fares are reimbursed.
  • Hotel: hotel cost should be "near" the government per diem rate.
  • Alcohol at meals: reimbursement limit of $15 per person, per meal, before tax and tip.
  • Tips at meals: Tips cannot exceed 20 percent (unless there is a mandatory charge for a large group).
  • You will not be reimbursed for the portion of alcohol expenses or tips that exceed the limit.

Before your trip

To speed up your reimbursement, get set up in Stanford’s “Payee Request Portal” before your trip. (Those reimbursed by Stanford for previous trips don’t need to do this step unless your address or other information has changed.) Email Kim Kay with the following information: Name, Email address, Mailing address, Citizenship/Residence status (US Citizen, Non Resident Alien, Resident Alien, or Unknown). If you are traveling from outside the US, you will need to submit additional information after your trip to complete your payee profile. See After your trip below.

During your trip

Save all receipts, including meal receipts. Receipts should include payment information (e.g., paid by AMEX) and should be itemizedThere is no option for per diem reimbursement.

After your trip

  • Submit itemized receipts for all expenses (economy-class airfare, hotel, food, ground transportation, baggage check, etc.) by scanning and emailing to Kim Kay, or sending by postal mail to Kim Kay, Green Library, 557 Escondido Mall, Suite 102, Stanford, California 94305
  • You must include “proof of travel” in the form of either a boarding pass or hotel bill with your name on it.
  • If you traveled from outside the US, you also need to submit copies of your unexpired passport, visa or ESTA, and I-94 stamp/form in order to complete your payee profile.
  • On meal receipts, indicate the cost of alcohol. If there was no alcohol included, write “no alcohol” on the receipt. (Alcohol expenses are reimbursable up to $15 per person per meal, but are tracked separately in the reimbursement system.)
  • List any reimbursable expenses under $75 for which you are not submitting receipts. N.B. It is always preferable to have receipts when possible.
  • If you added extra days or legs before or after the trip for travel unrelated to the meeting, include a screenshot showing what the roundtrip airfare for just the meeting would have been.

Questions? Contact Kim Kay: 650-723-2015 or

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