Summary and background

LD4P Phase 1 interacted with broader linked data efforts in the library community by hosting yearly meetings of an international body of linked data practitioners. As LD4P moves into the implementation phase, this cooperation will become yet more essential. Libraries worldwide have carried out their own linked data efforts, but there has been little to no cooperation between these efforts. As we move our work to the Web, a natural benefit is to make use of other libraries’ data in this international context.

LD4P will launch the development of an organizational framework called LD4, including hosting and leading the planning of two international meetings of lead practitioners of linked open data in the broader library space. The meetings will provide an ideal interchange forum for the latest tools, techniques, and data structures for the exchange and reuse of library-focused data on a global scale.

For institutions that are interested and committed to collaborating on using linked data to advance library objectives, LD4 will offer an information and communications hub (for shared code, documents, training); a mechanism for organizing ongoing work (through structured outreach to interested organizations such as DCMI (the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative); and a process to form topical interest and working groups moving forward. Members of LD4P will initially cover the tasks of setting up and maintaining LD4.

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