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As part of the Mellon-funded LD4P2 project, Stanford will host two meetings of the Blacklight development community to advance the use of Linked Data for discovery in Blacklight-based environments. While the grant will fund participation from a set of attendees, the meeting will be open to interested and qualified members of the Blacklight or LD4 communities. 

The first Blacklight-LD meeting will be 3.5 days and held at Stanford, the from Tuesday, September 24 at 9 AM to Friday, September 27 at noon. (Note: Oct 9-11 is Blacklight Summit at Duke.)

These meetings will cover any of the topics named in WP4 of the grant, or any topics related to enriching our current discovery environments with linked data or semantic enhancements. The main areas of development named in the grant are: 

  1. Microdata / markup
  2. Knowledge panels
  3. Authority-enhanced browse
  4. Semantic search

The outputs of this Working Meeting are expected to include working code, reference implementations, better understandings of LD-enhanced discovery, current and prospective data sources, UX issues, engineering concerns, and a roadmap for future work. 

Attendees should be from Blacklight-friendly institutions that are also invested in linked data. Attendees may have a variety of roles: developers, linked data practitioners, UX designers, metadata, etc. It might enrich the meeting to include Blacklighteers working in some of the particular Blacklight sub-projects: GeoBlacklight, Spotlight, ArcLight.


Meeting Dates

Start: Tuesday, September 24, 2019 (gather at 8:30 AM, start at 9 AM))
End: Friday, September 27 (noon)

Meeting Location

The meetings will be held in the Lathrop Cafe (basement level), Lathrop Library, Stanford University.

Travel Arrangements

See this page for hotel and ground transportation information that may be useful to those visiting Stanford for the first time. 

Travel Reimbursement

The grant will fund a limited number of participants from invited institutions. Invited participants with travel support can find more information on the mechanics of reimbursement here

Communication Channels

Slack: #blacklight-ld channel in LD4 slack (event-specific slack channel; all participants on it; lurkers welcome) –
Email list: (event-specific email list; all participants on it; lurkers welcome)
Google Drive: Blacklight-LD Working Meeting (publicly accessible)

Relevant Resources

Confirmed Institutional Attendees (to date)

  1. Columbia - confirmed
  2. Cornell - confirmed
  3. Duke - confirmed
  4. EBSCO - confirmed
  5. Ghent University - confirmed
  6. Harvard - confirmed
  7. NC State - confirmed
  8. Penn - confirmed
  9. Penn State - confirmed
  10. Princeton - confirmed
  11. Stanford - confirmed
  12. UCLA - confirmed
  13. UGeorgia - confirmed
  14. UW Madison - confirmed
  15. Casalini & @cult, Samhaeng - confirmed

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