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Attendees: Jason, Steven, Tim, Huda , Dean

Regrets: Lynette, Simeon


Agenda & Notes

Review actions from 2018-10-05 Cornell LD4P2 Meeting notes

  • Huda Khan will clarify scope with Stanford for development of workflow descriptions for October meeting. Should we cover workflow of Share-VDE import or will Stanford?
    • Huda has been making pictures and discussing with Astrid. Astrid will present UX designs in the cohort meeting. Huda will confirm with Astrid whether she should prepare anything to present at the meeting.
    • 2018-10-12 : Huda does not need to do anything; Astrid still figuring out what will be presented for both days so she will bring all slides & designs. Some are based on discussions around look-ups. First few slides will be about overall workflow. Both Huda and Astrid's names are on agenda to discuss UX and QA-specific UX but no specific assignments.
  • Issues:

Status updates and planning

  • Cohort
    • Kick off meeting happened this week
      • Amount of ILS integration (notably ALMA) interest in the cohort affinity group discussion seems very out of scope for the goals and effort outlined in LD4P2
      • Lots of mention of discovery, notably in Blacklight 
      • Seemed to be lots of concerns about how to get profiles into Sinopia. Huda mentioned this to Astrid... high level of what expectations of cohort member and cataloger is useful but having a box in the diagrams for profiles and define how we write to that would be useful. Starting with how we start, where the profiles sit and how that interacts with the editor
      • During plan for support for lookups discussion, there were comments about whether specific vocabularies are available; need process for prioritization moving forward.
      • Someone asked what is the role of QA in Sinopia – discuss not 'here is the whole architecture' but 'here is how the editor interacts with various authorities'
    • Apart from interacting with editor and creating profiles, are they planning anything that intersects with other work items?
      • potential. there are work items that might overlap but we have not had discussion (to any of our knowledge) about integrating work.
  • Authority Lookups for Sinopia (Production QA instance:
    • QA Priorities: update to use engine (done pending deployment), keeping historical data (mostly done), logging of use (not done yet), then finish refactoring (no recent work), then performance (some reporting added) and/or new authorities
    • Huda trying to figure out how to canned data that would be realistic and constrained for UI testing; in processes, looking at BFE to see if she can hack something. Exploring LC names at present – what pieces of conceptual info can be obtained from JSON and mapping to table we've set up for different pieces of content we want for the contextual look-up? 
    • ACTION ITEM: LC Names is in QA without going thru context workflow. Steven Folsomwill work with Huda Khan to set up.
    • Anything we want to present in-particular for the cohort meeting (beyond high-level)? Steven's approach is to outline plan to support authorities & talk about spreadsheet process for context. Huda will be approached about a slide for transformation.
  • Prep for Cataloging Sinatra and other 45's (Discogs data)
    • Steven is working through understanding of LC description of sound recordings, thinking carefully in places where we might deviate from profile. Will have Tim implement the mapping to BF.
    • Agriknowledge release on 11/1 taking up most time so less about this happening. Discogs genres mapped to corresponding LCGFT; two other areas needing mapping - formats and playing channels – Tim has done that so knows how they'll be mapped; will add to the Sinatra GH repo
    • ACTION ITEM: Tim Worrall would like to convert drawing from the wall; will add to the Sinatra repo, as well
  • Enhanced Discovery
  • Travel and meetings

Next meetings:

  • See you in DC!
  • 2018-10-19 – back at the ranch (Huda will be out 10/19 and the morning of 10/26 but can probably attend last half hour of 10/26 meeting. I'll send updates/questions beforehand)
  • Discuss Ryan Shaw's invitation to propose a US2TS talk on editors. Deadline of Halloween.