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Attendees: Huda, Jason, Steven, Dean, Simeon

Regrets: Lynette, Tim

Agenda & Notes

Review actions from 2018-09-28 Cornell LD4P2 Meeting notes

  • Huda Khan will clarify scope with Stanford for development of workflow descriptions for October meeting. Should we cover workflow of Share-VDE import or will Stanford?
    • Huda has been making pictures and discussing with Astrid. Astrid will present UX designs in the cohort meeting. Huda will confirm with Astrid whether she should prepare anything to present at the meeting.
  • Jason Kovari to work with RBMS and appropriate cohort participants to understand requirements and permissions issues for "publishing" an RDF version of these vocabularies. If there is the go ahead then will follow vocabulary proposal process
    • DONE - Had a call. RBMS have created RDF vocabularies but no term URIs. There will be changes before publication with but will want some interim publication – question about how best we might help facilitate this in the near term and then get vocab with term URIs into QA
  • Huda Khan will verify that all information used in navigating music genre authority hierarchy example is surfaced via QA
  • Tim Worrall , Lynette Rayle , Steven Folsom to discuss question of whether discogs JSON → BF RDF conversion is done within QA service or implemented in service or JavaScript after getting data from QA. Come up with a picture of boundaries between components/data for process of getting source data from Discogs to starting record in BFE
    • DONE - result is a picture (captured by Tim) and a set of questions that were posted yesterday on the #sinopia channel. Outstanding questions of what data form is required for Sinopia, e.g if we have an unreconciled label, does that have a bnode and label that will then be used for lookup in Sinopia or will have a new Sinopia entity URI created. Expect discussion of these issues on users' call on Monday, Jason expects to join
  • Issues:

Status updates and planning

Next meetings:

  • 201810-12 - Lynette out, Simeon out (Samvera Connect), Jason will lead