About the Library of Congress BIBFRAME Ontology project

This project will continue the development of an RDF vocabulary that can be used broadly in the library and cultural heritage environment. The initial BIBFRAME ontology (1.0) was stabilized for a year in 2014 by the Library of Congress to enable experimentation with the BIBFRAME model. In early 2016, the Library began to analyze comments that had come from the community over the past year, advice from a consultant who had been engaged to review the vocabulary, and experience from the Pilot carried out in 2015. As a result, proposals for changes to the vocabulary were developed and published on the BIBFRAME website for public review. This project includes development of the BIBFRAME 2.0 vocabulary based on those reviews; ontology namespace documentation; specifications for a MARC to BIBFRAME 2.0 conversion; and conversion programs. All will be shared with the LD4P partners and the broader community. The development will be tested through the LC BIBFRAME Metadata Production Pilot.

Library of Congress BIBFRAME 2.0 Project in LD4P Grant Proposal

Current Activities
  • Maintenance of vocabulary, specs for conversion of MARC to BIBFRAME, and conversion programs
  • Installing Metaproxy upgrades at the Library of Congress
  • Providing answers to community questions and exploring issues as they arise


Sally McCallum (Library of Congress)
Ray Denenberg (Library of Congress)
Rebecca Guenther (Consultant)
Wayne Schneider (Indexdata)
Nate Trail (Library of Congress)
Kirk Hess (Library of Congress)
Qi Tong (Library of Congress)


The deliverables for the project are the BIBFRAME 2.0 vocabulary (namespace documentation) web published and RDF downloadable, revised BIBFRAME model, conversion from MARC to BIBFRAME specifications web published, conversion programs made downloadable.

Completed Work

Linked Data Creation

  • Generally part of the companion project BIBFRAME Metadata Production Pilot but the MARC to BIBFRAME viewer enables viewing converted and linked data for analysis purposes. 

Tool Exploration/Requirements Definition

  • Development of a BIBFRAME output fork for Metaproxy, a widely used open source tool that normalizes searches and provides a variety of output choices (first version enabled with BIBFRAME output (April 2017)
  • MARC to BIBFRAME conversion specifications (see uri above)
  • MARC to BIBFRAME conversion programs (see uri above)


  • Participation in LD4P ontology Working group
  • Maintain collaborative contacts with OCLC, Casalini Libri, Zepheira, and others for vocabulary and pilot development.
  • Planned collaborative loading at LC of several extension vocabularies (PMO and ARM) developed by LD4P institutions.

Community Engagement

  • Constant contact with the community through a BIBFRAME listserv that the LC project maintains:  BIBFRAME@listserv.loc.gov
  • Extensive website where the BIBFRAME 2.0 vocabulary is published and RDF downloads of the vocabulary are available:   http://www.loc.gov/bibframe/
  • Publication for open download and access of programs developed via Github.
  • Special BIBFRAME Update session at each ALA with reports on LD4P projects featured.
  • Helped organize European meeting on BIBFRAME.
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