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The MARCXML Module is a plugin that works with all solution packs to add options to ingest and view metadata in MARC (MAchine Readable Cataloging) format. When this module is enabled:

On Single-Item Ingest - An optional step is added to the ingest process to browse your local machine for MARC XML metadata instead of filling out the ingest form. This MARC XML file is crosswalked and stored as a MODS record. The uploaded MARC XML is discarded after ingest and is not attached to the Fedora object.

The ZIP batch importer can ingest MARCXML even if the MARCXML Module is not installed. The ZIP importer transforms MARCXML to MODS using a different crosswalk file than the one included in the MARCXML Module.

On Viewing - A new tab is added to all objects to view the MODS datastream as a MARC record using an on-the-fly transformation. Click Download MARCXML to download a version of the MODS metadata that has been transformed to MARC XML. Any object with a MODS datastream can be viewed as a MARC record, whether or not it was ingested using the MARC XML option.

The MARC XML record is never stored in Fedora - it is always generated on-the-fly by the module from the data available in the MODS record stored in Fedora.


Information about dependencies can be found in the MARCXML module GitHub documentation.

The module uses Library of Congress XSL transformations to crosswalk MARCXML to MODS, crosswalk MODS to MARCXML, and to display MODS as MARCXML online. The XSLs used in this version of Islandora can be found in the MARCXML module GitHub repository.


There are no configuration options available for the MARCXML module in Drupal. Enabling the module adds the MARCXML tab to all solution packs for all users with permissions to view Fedora objects, and makes the MARCXML upload option available for all content models during ingest.

Permissions to control who may Download PREMIS metadata and View PREMIS metadata are available at Administration » People » Permissions (admin/people/permissions).


Using the MARCXML Module


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