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The Islandora Internet Archive Bookreader is an implementation of Open Library's Internet Archive Bookreader web app. It is used by the Islandora Book Solution Pack to display a series of pages as an entire book that can be accessed on the book's 'View' page.




The Islandora Internet Archive Bookreader module can be found on the Release Notes and Downloads page. 

Download/clone the Internet Archive BookReader to sites/all/libraries/bookreader.

The actual Bookreader library from Open Library can be found at their GitHub repository here:

Internet Archive BookReader Developer documentation

This module requires that you set up Djatoka, please follow the steps outlined at here.

This module requires Colorbox and its dependant library Colorbox library. Depending on the version of the Colorbox module and library you are using, there can be some issues with Colorbox finding the library. This comment solves the issue.


Though the actual Bookreader module is installed the same way as any Drupal module is, the Bookreader library needs to be downloaded and placed manually. This can be done in two different ways:

  • If 'git' is installed on your server, you can navigate to your Drupal installation's sites/all/libraries folder and run "git clone git://" to automatically clone the repository. If 'git' isn't installed, you can often get it from standard Linux package managers by running a command similar to 'apt-get install git' or 'yum install git'.
  • If you wouldn't like to use GitHub's standard repository manager, you can navigate to the repository's site in the Downloads section above, click the button to download the repository as a ZIP file, and extract it to your Drupal installation's sites/all/libraries folder. If you do this, you will need to rename the extracted folder from 'bookreader-branch' (e.g. bookreader-master) to simply 'bookreader'.

After you install and enable the module, go to Administration > Islandora > Solution pack configuration > Book solution pack (admin/islandora/solution_pack_config/book).

  1. Under Book Viewers, select Internet Archive BookReader. 
  2. Under Page Viewers, select OpenSeaDragon.
  3. Click Save Configuration.

Islandora book viewer selection


Controls for the Islandora Internet Archive Bookreader are identical to the standard Internet Archive Bookreader:

  1. Link to the front page of the book
  2. Another link to the cover
  3. Search field that is able to look through the OCR datastream of the book object
  4. Button to initiate an OCR search from the text field
  5. Button to have the pages automatically and methodically flip to the next one after a short period of time
  6. Button showing basic MODS information
  7. Button to view the OCR output for the current page
  8. Button to generate URL links to share the book
  9. The actual book's viewing pane
  10. A slider to quickly switch between pages
  11. Button to view a single page at a time
  12. Button to view two pages side by side, like a standard physical book
  13. Button to view all pages in a grid layout
  14. Zoom controls (in and out)
  15. Button to hide the bottom-most navigation pane
  16. Controls to move to the next or previous page


Configuration options for the Islandora Internet Archive Bookreader can be found:

  • in the admin page for the Bookreader (admin/islandora/islandora_viewers/internet_archive_bookreader)
  • in the admin page for OCR tools (admin/islandora/tools/ocr)
  • in the admin page for the Islandora Book Solution Pack (admin/islandora/solution_pack_config/book)
  • and in the admin page for the Paged Content Module (admin/islandora/solution_pack_config/paged_content).

Internet Archive Bookreader Configuration

To configure the Internet Archive Bookreader, go to Administration > Islandora > Islandora Viewers > Internet Archive Bookreader (admin/islandora/islandora_viewers/internet_archive_bookreader).

IAV Bookreader Configuration

Configuration Options

FieldDefault ValueExplanation
djatoka image compression level4The level of compression djatoka will use when creating images (usually set at 4 or 5).
Solr field relating pages to book PIDsRELS_EXT_isMemberOf_uri_msThis field is necessary to allow the "Search inside" option in the IAV to search across the full text OCR datastreams of all pages associated with this book. Enter the solr field that indexes the relationship that associates Islandora Page objects with Islandora Book objects.
Overlay Opacity0.5The opacity of the overlay, when opening the info, fulltext and share dialogs. Enter a decimal number between 0 (fully transparent) and 1 (fully opaque).
The content type being displayed within the IAV.bookThis  will be displayed in the viewer in places such as the info and share dialogs.
Default page viewSingle pageThe number of pages the IAV will show by default. Options are Single page, Side by Side (2 pages), or Thumbnails (all pages).
Force the Internet Archive Bookreader into full screen for mobile users?uncheckedChecking this will make book objects full screen by default on mobile devices.
Use the JPG datastream as a backup.uncheckedThis option can slow a site down, so use it only if necessary. The viewer usually loads JP2 derivatives, but it won't return a JP2 that is smaller than 4096 bytes. If you have a collection with JP2 derivatives smaller than the minimum size, or no JP2s, select this option to use JPG derivatives as the page image instead.



Having problems or solved a problem? Check out the Islandora google groups for a solution.

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