This documentation refers to an earlier version of Islandora. is current.


The Objective Forms module contains a series of functions and classes that allow Drupal forms to be treated as Fedora objects. It provides back-end support to XML Forms so that Drupal's built-in form functions and classes can be used when filling out metadata.




Objective Forms is part of the Islandora Forms package, downloadable at the page


Some important notes:

  • Each form element is assigned a unique hash Form Property to identify it, as #hash.
  • Each form element that is created and stored in a registry, and it will persist though out the lifetime of the form even if it's removed from the form. Ancestry of Form Elements is stored, so if a Form Element is cloned we will be able to determine the Form Element that is was cloned from.
  • Form Properties can be objects. To define new Form Properties, implement the hook objectify_properties.
  • Forms will be auto-populated from $form_states[‘values’].
  • There is a FormStorage class that can be used to store any persistent data.


The Objective Forms module requires no configuration, and functions as soon as it is activated and installed as a Drupal module.

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