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The core Islandora module establishes a connection between the front-end Drupal website and the back-end Fedora Commons repository. Installing and enabling the Islandora module adds an Islandora Repository link to your site's Navigation menu, and an Islandora link to the Administration panel.


None - Islandora 7.x.1.3 can be enabled with no other required modules.

Despite requiring no modules as dependencies, without the Islandora Basic Collection module, the Islandora module will be effectively useless.


Release Notes and Downloads


A complete installation guide can be found at the page Installing the Islandora Module.


Basic instructions for using the Islandora module can be found in Chapter 3 - Getting Started with Islandora


Configuration options for the Islandora module can be found on your site at, and includes the following options:

General Configuration

  • The Fedora Base URL is the path to the Fedora webapp on your Tomcat (or other) server. On a default installation, this will be http://localhost:8080/fedora; if your port or path were changed during installation, these will need to be corrected to reflect that.
  • The Root Collection PID is the Persistent Identifier fedora will use for your root collection. This may not need to be changed.
  • UUID PID Generation adds the option to generate Fedora object PIDs with v4 UUIDs.


It may be convenient to set up namespace restrictions on your site - for example, to prevent sharing of objects across multiple sites using the same installation. Restrictions entered can use the following formats:

  • Use namespace: to add access to all of the objects using the namespace: PID
  • Use namespace:object to allow access to a specific object
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