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The Compound Solution pack module adds the ability to to create compound objects using objects created with any other Islandora solution pack by enabling a generic parent-child relationships between objects. The object view of a compound object is replaced by the view of its first child object. The included "Islandora Compound Object Navigation" block provides a thumbnail navigation of an object's siblings. A "Compound" management tab allows for the addition and removal of parent and child objects for each object.

Configuration options are available through the Compound objects administrative menu (admin/islandora/compound_object)



Release Notes and Downloads


Enable the module and if the navigation controls are desired, enable and configure the "Islandora Compound Object Navigation" block at /admin/structure/block.


The module has documented configuration options at admin/islandora/solution_pack_config/compound_object. 


The "Islandora Compound Object Navigation" block can be themed. See theme_islandora_compound_prev_next().


A Drush command has been added, to be run from the command line (Terminal), that will update the existing rel-predicate of existing compound objects to 'isConstituentOf'. It can be run with the drush command 'drush update_rels_predicate'. This command accpets no arguments.

Content Models, Prescribed Datastreams and Forms

The Compound Solution Pack comes with the following objects in

  • Islandora Compound Object Content Model (islandora:compoundCModel)
  • Compound Collection (islandora:compound_collection)

An image object created using the Compound Solution Pack's content model will have the following datastreams:


Default Fedora relationship metadata

MODSMODS record, created at time of ingest
DCDublin Core record

Thumbnail image, created at time of ingest

The Compound Solution Pack comes with the Compound Object MODS form.

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