This documentation refers to an earlier version of Islandora. is current.

The steps below should see you through the upgrade of a standard Islandora installation to the latest versions of Apache Solr and Fedora GSearch.

DO NOT stop the fedora service before beginning these steps.

1. Confirm that Apache ant is installed

ant -version

2. Remove the current Fedora GSearch .war file

rm -f $FEDORA_HOME/tomcat/webapps/fedoragsearch.war

3. Remove the current Apache Solr .war file

rm -f /opt/solr/apache-solr-1.4.1.war 

4. Copy the new Fedora GSearch .war file into place

cp /staging/fedoragsearch-2.5/fedoragsearch.war $FEDORA_HOME/tomcat/webapps/

5. Change ownership of the new GSearch .war file to user 'fedora'.

chown fedora:fedora /usr/local/fedora/tomcat/webapps/fedoragsearch.war

6. Copy the /example/solr directory into place

cp -r /staging/apache-solr-3.6.0/example/solr $FEDORA_HOME/solr

7. Change ownership of the new /solr directory to user 'fedora'

chown fedora:fedora $FEDORA_HOME/solr/

8. Copy the new Apache Solr file into place

cp /staging/apache-solr-3.6.0/example/webapps/solr.war $FEDORA_HOME/tomcat/webapps/

9. Change ownership of the new Solr .war file to user 'fedora'.

chown fedora:fedora$FEDORA_HOME/tomcat/webapps/solr.war

10. Edit the fedora-users.xml and files

10a.  fedora-users.xml

vi $FEDORA_HOME/server/config/fedora-users.xml

Add the following section...

> # add additional user
> <user name="fgsAdmin" password="[password]">
>   <attribute name="fedoraRole">
>     <value>administrator</value>
>   </attribute>
> </user>


vi $FEDORA_HOME/tomcat/webapps/fedoragsearch/FgsConfig/

Change, or uncomment, each of the following lines.  When uncommenting a line in a particular section, make sure to also comment out the original line that was 'selected' in that section.

> configDisplayName=configProductionOnSolr
> gsearchPass= [password]
> local.FEDORA_HOME=/usr/local/fedora
> namesOfRepositories=FgsRepos

> namesOfIndexes=FgsIndex
(keep name in order not to modify GUI for GSearch)

> fedoraBase=http://localhost:8080
(to access objects from index in GUI for GSearch)

> fedoraPass=[password]
> indexEngine=Solr
> indexBase=http://localhost:8080/solr
> indexDir=${local.FEDORA_HOME}/solr/data/index
> indexingDocXslt=foxmlToSolr

11. Change to the /FgsConfig directory

cd $FEDORA_HOME/tomcat/webapps/fedoragsearch/FgsConfig

12. Run ant on the fgsconfig-basic.xml file

ant -f fgsconfig-basic.xml 

You should see a message similar to:

Total time: 0 seconds

13. Rename the current Solr schema.xml file to schema.bak

mv $FEDORA_HOME/solr/conf/schema.xml $FEDORA_HOME/solr/conf/schema.bak

14. Copy the new, ant-generated Solr schema into place as schema.xml

cp $FEDORA_HOME/tomcat/webapps/fedoragsearch/WEB-INF/classes/fgsconfigFinal/index/FgsIndex/conf/schema-3.6.1-for-fgs-2.5.xml $FEDORA_HOME/solr/conf/schema.xml

15. Stop/Start the Fedora service



16. Test the upgrade

  1. Check the number of items indexed in Fedora GSearch:   
    1. Go to http://localhost:8080/fedoragsearch/rest
    2. Login using fgsAdmin 
    3. Click on updateindex
    4. Click on updateIndex fromFoxmlFiles - The "Resulting number of index documents" should have the same value as it did before the upgrade
  2. Check the version of Solr:
    1. Go to
    2. Click the 'Solr Admin' link
    3. Click the [Info] link - The "Solr Specification Version" should match the version number of Solr that was just installed.
  3. Check the version of Fedora GSearch:
    1. Go to - The "Fedora Generic Search Service Version" should match the version number of GSearch that was just installed.

Thank you to Charles Birmingham for providing the basis for this section.

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