This documentation refers to an earlier version of Islandora. is current.


Islandora Usage Stats tracks views and downloads of Islandora items. Features include:

  • Toggle to ignore common bots, with a configurable regex bot filter
  • View count uses session variables, and defaults to a 5 minute cooldown for repeated requests
  • IP Exclusion list to prevent artificially inflating counts while testing/developing/administrating
  • Several customizable blocks to display metrics
  • Report-generating interface at Reports > Islandora Usage Stats Reports
  • Object log views integration
  • Access log for all views and downloads

Does not respect XACML or namespace restrictions. The usage stats reports and blocks may provide links to objects outside of allowed namespaces or prohibited by XACML policies.

This is a server-side tracking solution, and as such a caching layer could impact it. If this is impacting you, a solution using Javascript may work better.



Usage stats for the children of a collection appear on the overview pages ("Manage" tab) of collections, to users who have the permission to "View Islandora Usage Collection Overview". A block showing the same information, Usage Stats for Collections, is also available under Structure > Blocks, which can be placed and permissioned like a normal block.

A view of all gathered stats, with the ability to generate CSV reports, is available at Reports > Islandora Usage Stats (admin/reports/islandora_usage_stats_report) for users who have the permission "View Islandora Usage Reports".

This module also provides several Drupal blocks. They can be configured (e.g. number of rows to display, which PIDs to omit, ...) at Structure > Blocks:
* Most Searched Terms
* Most Viewed Islandora Items
* Recently Accessed Islandora Items
* Recently Downloaded

Again, these blocks do not respect namespace or XACML restrictions, and may link to items which are prohibited. 


Configuration options are available at Administration > Islandora > Islandora Utility Modules > Islandora Usage Stats Settings (

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