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The Islandora Solr Facet Pages module creates an alphabetical "A to Z" browse from metadata indexed in Solr. The "facets" are the fields that Solr will search in to build the A-to-Z browse. You can set up multiple A-to-Z pages.


This module requires the following modules/libraries:


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Install as usual, see this for further information.


To configure Facet Pages, set 'Results per page', and 'Maximum searchable facet values' go to Administration » Islandora » Solr index » Facet Pages (admin/islandora/search/islandora_solr/facet_pages).

To set up an A-to-Z browse page for any Solr field:

  1. Enter the name of an indexed Solr field of type "string" into Solr Field.
    1. See Appendix D for a list of Solr fields.
  2. Enter a label for the browse page for this Solr field.
  3. Enter a unique path ending for this browse page.
    1. The browse page will be automatically created at[path]
  4. Click Save.

The example in the above image creates an A-to-Z subject browse:


Facet search form

With the option 'Facet search form' enabled you can provide the user with a search form to search within these facet values. This means that the way the search works depends on the field that is used for the facet page.

If you choose a string field (*_s or *_ms), and this field is not tokenized, search becomes case-sensitive and the search term must match the entire facet value. For example, *Alice* would match that term anywhere within the string, while Alice would only match a full string value of "Alice".

If you choose a text field (*_t or *_mt) and this field is tokenized and not stored, search will be case-insensitive and search terms may match text within the facet value, but the facets will be presented in the tokenized text form, which has an adverse affect on the display.

Islandora Solr facet pages block

This module provides a block named "Islandora Solr facet pages" that can be configured in Block settings (Administration » Structure » Blocks). It contains a list of links to all configured facet pages.


This module provides template files for the entire page (islandora-solr-facet-pages-wrapper.tpl.php) and the results list (islandora-solr-facet-pages-results.tpl.php). The alphabetical pager uses a theme function.

Template files can be overridden by a theme by copying the template file from the modules folder into the theme folder. You can override a theme per defined facet page by appending the path value to the template file. If you do, make sure to copy the original template file to your theme as well.

Your custom theme folder would look like this:

├── {other files}
├── islandora-solr-facet-pages-results.tpl.php
├── islandora-solr-facet-pages-results--{your-path}.tpl.php
└── islandora-solr-facet-pages-wrapper.tpl.php



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