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The Islandora Bookmark module allows users to build, manage, share, track and export lists of Islandora objects. There are two ways to add bookmarks to your lists:

  1. Through object pages: every object page will have a little tool at the bottom to bookmark the current object.
  2. Through Solr searches: Islandora Bookmark provides a SOLR display with functionality to bookmark objects based on a custom Solr query.



Release Notes and Downloads


Install as usual, see this for further information.


Enable the following modules:

  • Islandora Bookmark
  • Islandora Bookmark CSV Exports (optional)

Go to Administration » Islandora » Islandora Utility Modules » Bookmark (admin/islandora/tools/islandora-bookmark) to configure the module.

Optionally:  Select "Create a default list for users?" and click Save Configuration.  After you log out and back in, a default bookmark list will be created for your user account.  If a user is anonymous, adds items to a bookmark list, and then logs in those items will be added to a new list, or appended to their default list.

Users cannot delete their default bookmark list.


Set the permissions for the Bookmark module in Administration » People (admin/people/permissions).

  • Administer Islandora Bookmark - This is the permission for changing the module configuration settings, and should only be granted to administrators.
  • Use Islandora Bookmark - Create, manage, and add new bookmarks to bookmark lists. Grant to any role that needs to be able to add bookmarks to a list, including anonymous users (users without an account).
  • Share bookmarks - Share bookmarks with other users. Anonymous users can never share bookmarks.
  • Export bookmarks - Export bookmark lists.

Bookmark Tool Display

Add the Islandora Bookmark tool to a block that is used on object pages (admin/structure/block) such as the Content or First Sidebar blocks.  (Note:  After you add this to a block, you may have to clear the cache (Configuration >> Performance >> Clear all caches) in order to see the new block as you browse pages.)

Screenshot of the Islandora Bookmark tool appearing at the bottom of the Content Block


The Bookmark Tool will not display until at least one list exists for bookmarks to be added to.

Bookmark Search Results

To create a display of objects that can be bookmarked based on the results of an Islandora search:

  1. Enable the 'Bookmark' Display Profile in Administration » Islandora » Solr index » Solr Settings (admin/islandora/search/islandora_solr/settings).
  2. Add the 'Islandora Displays' block to the First Sidebar or Second Sidebar on search results pages (admin/structure/block).

Using Bookmarks and Lists

Bookmarking an object from the object page

  1. On an Islandora object page, use the Islandora bookmark tool to select a bookmark list.
  2. Click Add Bookmark.

Once you have bookmarked an object, the Islandora Bookmark tool will show a link to the bookmark list that contains that object.

Bookmarking an object from search results

  1. Search in the Islandora simple search or advanced search.
  2. In the "Islandora Displays" block, click "Bookmark." Enable this block to see the displays (admin/structure/block).
    1. You can also access the Solr bookmark display by adding ?display=bookmark to the end of any Solr query URL.
  3. Use the Bookmark Solr display to export all results or create a new bookmark list from some or all of the search results.

Managing Bookmarks and Lists

When logged in, users can view their bookmark lists and create new lists at

Add a new bookmark list

  1. Click on the 'Add' tab
  2. Enter a list name and description.
  3. Click Add list

View the bookmarks in a list

On the 'Overview' tab of "My bookmarks", click a list name. The 'Detailed list' view shows a list of all the objects that you have bookmarked. From the detailed list, you can remove one or all bookmarks, export some or all bookmarks, or share the list with other users. Clicking on the label takes you to the bookmarked object.

Exporting the bookmarks in a list

If you also enabled the module Islandora Bookmark CSV Exports, then you can also export all bookmarked objects in a list.  You can export to the folowing formats:  RTF, RIS, PDF (default is a list of written citations in APA), or csv.

For the export of PDF formatted citation lists according to APA, the default format is to pull from metadata and format the cite as an article.  The exporter looks to the MODS <genre> field for each item to determine how to format the cite.  If MODS reads <genre>book chapter</genre> or <genre>book section</genre>, then it will format as a book chapter in APA.  If MODS reads <genre>book</genre> then it will format like a book.  So, with consistent use of the <genre> field and good metadata can give you a good export of cites to material on your site.

To export, click to root/islandora-bookmark and click to the list you want to export.  Then under "Export", use the drop down menu to select an export format and export the list.


Theme customizations

Table cells referencing the bookmarked objects in both bookmark lists and bookmark Solr results can be modified in one of the following ways:

  • Overriding the default template file located at theme/islandora-bookmark-object-display.tpl.php.
  • Using hook_islandora_bookmark_object_markup() to let another module define the content and markup.


Q. How do I set up bookmarking through Solr?

A. Islandora Bookmark provides a Islandora Solr primary display which has to be enabled in the solr client admin page (admin/islandora/search/islandora_solr). To set up Islandora Solr check the module's documentation. Islandora Solr comes with a 'Display switch' block which lets you switch primary displays. When enabled, the bookmark display can be accessed by appending ?display=bookmark to the Solr results URL.




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