This documentation refers to an earlier version of Islandora. is current.

This process will require some time. Prior to start you'll basically need to backup some of the contents from your old MySQL fedora3 database as well as the some sub-directories from the old Fedora data repository (objectStore and  datastreamStore), perform a fresh installation of Fedora 3.8.1 as instructed on milestone1, test that everything works fine all way through milestone 6, then migrate those backup components onto the new installation.


So far we have no reasons to believe this process would not work for updates of Fedora 3.6+ and prior to 3.8.1

Prepare and save components of the old installation

  • Create a tarball snapshot backup of Fedora, MySQL and Drupal

    # $FEDORA_HOME/tomcat/bin/
    # /etc/init.d/mysql stop
    # /etc/init.d/apache2 stop
    # cd /usr/local 
    # tar -cvzf fedora3.7.0-with-old-data-info-backup.tar.gz fedora
    # cd /var/lib 
    # tar -cvzf mysql-with-old-fedora3-info-backup.tar.gz mysql
    # cd /var/www
    # tar -cvzf drupal-backup.tar.gz drupal
  • Drop and Cleanup the fedora3 database information from the exiting MySQL and recreated it

    # mysql -u root -p
    Enter password:
    mysql> drop database fedora3;
    Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)
    mysql> flush privileges;
    mysql> exit
    # /usr/local/fedora/server/bin/  (first Rebuild SQL database, then Rebuild the Resource Index)
    # /etc/init.d/mysql start
  • Rename the old Fedora installation location (you'll need components from this path later on)

    # cd /usr/local 
    # mv fedora  fedora3.7.0

Fresh installation of Fedora 3.8.1 (with some caveats)

At this stage you should consider upgrading your OS to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, if you have not done so yet.

$FEDORA_HOME/tomcat/logs/catalina.out should contain no errors.



  • View your Fedora instance through a web browser:





  • Continue with the remaining steps in the milestone 1 - Installing Fedora, (XACML Policies, testing, snapshot backup, etc), and all remaining milestones 2 through 6 (Drupal, Drupal Filter, Tuque, Solr and GSearch)

    NOTE: some of your previous Drupal/Islandora contents won't be shown yet, but that is to be expected, since your old fedora3 database and data contents have not been migrated yet, however most of the other normal components of the islandora stack should be in place and working.

Migration of the old components to the new installation

  • Time to start the migration phase: replace the new MySQL with the old one, and copy the old fedora data components to the new installation:

    # $FEDORA_HOME/tomcat/bin/
    # /etc/init.d/mysql stop
    # cd /var/lib 
    # mv mysql mysql-with-fresh-fedora3.8.1
    # tar -xvzf mysql-with-old-fedora3-info-backup.tar.gz 
    # cd /usr/local/fedora/data/
    # mv datastreamStore  
    # mv objectStore
    # rsync /usr/local/fedora3.7.0/data/datastreamStore /usr/local/fedora/data
    # rsync /usr/local/fedora3.7.0/data/objectStore /usr/local/fedora/data
    # /etc/init.d/mysql start
    # $FEDORA_HOME/tomcat/bin/
  • Check the newly migrated instance of Fedora 3.8.1 and browse the contents of your old Drupal/Islandora repository


  • If you can not see the Top-level Collection as you had before shut down your repository and run the Policy Index Rebuilder.

    # $FEDORA_HOME/tomcat/bin/
    # /etc/init.d/mysql stop
    # /usr/local/fedora/server/bin/  (first Rebuild SQL database, then Rebuild the Resource Index)
    # /etc/init.d/mysql start
    # $FEDORA_HOME/tomcat/bin/
  • Check for more details on the Fedora 3.8 Documentation


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