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­Datastream ID (DSID)

Found in:



Collection Object (optional)

This Datastream is an XACML that is inherited by every object ingested into the collection.


Collection Object

The COLLECTION_POLICY Datastream specifies which content models are associated with a particular collection object, the relationship that child objects ingested into this collection will have with the collection object.


Collection Object

An XSLT that is ran on the collection query result to transform it into HTML.  Default: xsl/sparql_to_html.xsl


All Objects (required)


FULL_TEXTPDF Solution PackText of a PDF, pulled from the PDF format's text stream (as opposed to being pulled via OCR)
HOCRPaged Content moduleFormatted OCR text stream used to more accurately display the OCR output


Content Model Object (required for Islandora)



Large Image solution pack and Paged Content module

Web-viewable JPEG2000 image created from TIFF files

JPGLarge Image solution pack and Paged Content modulePlain JPG derivative created from TIFF files


Objects created with the Basic Image Solution Pack

Provides a derivative web-suitable file for display.

MKVVideo Solution PackMatroska video derivative


All objects

Datastream holding MODS Metadata

MP4Video Solution PackMPEG-4 video derivative


Audio, Basic Image, Large Image, PDF and Video solution packs, and the Paged Content module

Default datastream for the actual original binary ingested with an object


Audio Solution pack

Stores technical data stripped on ingest using Exif tool


Paged Content module

OCR text stream

OGGVideo Solution PackOGG Vorbis video derivative (audio only)
PDFBook and Newspaper solution pack, Paged Content modulePDF derivative created either during ingest of a page, or stitched together into an entire book or newspaper


Any digital object can contain a POLICY datastream. (optional)

This Datastream is an XACML policy that describes who can view/edit/delete a collection, object, or datastream.

PREVIEWPDF Solution PackBinary preview of a PDF used for viewing


Audio Solution pack

Provides a derivative web-suitable file for download and display.


Collection Object



All Objects (required)

“Relationships-External.” This Datastream contains digital object relationship information.

RELS-INTPaged Content moduleInterior relationship datastream defining a page's relationship to other pages and the book as a whole


Audio, Basic Image, Book, Large Image, Newspaper and Video solution packs, and the Paged Content module

Thumbnail image used to represent the object in lists



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