This documentation refers to an earlier version of Islandora. is current.

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Pre-installation software checklist

The Islandora framework relies upon a number of other open source applications. Before beginning the installation of any Islandora modules, ensure:

1. You have Drupal installed and properly configured with:

  • Clean URLs enabled
  • The Drupal file system set to public*

2. You have Fedora installed and properly configured:

  • Ensure you can use the admin tools in Fedora to ingest and purge (e.g. http://localhost:8080/fedora/admin).
  • A requirement for collection objects: To make the module more flexible and useful we have also made some specific decisions regarding our Fedora objects. For the module to be able to browse collections, your collection objects must have a hasModel entry in the RELS-EXT Datastream that points to islandora:collectionCModel. This lets the module know that the object represents a collection and it will then query for objects that are members of this collection.

3. Other requirements beyond what is needed by Fedora and Drupal include:

  • PHP5-curl
  • PHP-soap
  • PHP5-xsl

You will also need to install any dependencies that are needed for the Solution Packs you are using.

To take full advantage of the module you will need to enable the Fedora Resource Index in the Fedora config file.  You should also have Solr and Fedora GSearch installed, although this step does not need to be completed prior to installing the Module. Fedora GSearch includes Lucene and enables full text searching.

At the end of this installation, you will be ready to populate your site with digital assets and be capable of accepting Solution Packs. Your root Islandora repository can be found at base-site-url/islandora.

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