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There are a number of configuration panels available for the image annotation module. 

Configure Content Models  

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 This panel allows the user to enable the image annotation module for a particular content module.  The user can specify the DSID to use for annotation (currently this must have the mimetype of png or jpg) and can alternately specify a Drupal based taxonomy to use for an annotation’s category. In the example above  

Configure Annotation Categories

A category field is part of an image annotation. The user can define those categories using Drupal’s taxonomy module (user defined). Alternately the user can populate the category field using an existing indexed solr field (Administrator defined).  The Annotation Type Search Field contains the solr field to be used as for categories. 


Configure Annotation Colors

Annotation Colors: By default the color of annotations are randomly derived by a set of standard colors (Optimized).  If User defined is selected a color picker is displayed and a specific color can be applied to the annotation.
Annotation Stroke Width: Feature still in progress.

Configure Controlled Vocabulary for Titles 

Included is an xslt designed for gsearch.  If this xslt is included in your existing  gsearch index xslt it will index the Annotation fields and make them searchable in solr.  You will also need to configure the Islandora Solr client so that it is aware of the new fields.  If you are using custom Solr request handlers you will have to update them as well.

If you have solr configured properly and have Annotation Categories set as user defined you will have a type ahead for the Annotations categories section

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