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The Video Solution Pack takes a video file, and ingests it into your Fedora repository. On ingest, the video file is converted to an MKV (archival format) using FFMPEG. Two derivative formats are also created: MP4 (using FFMPEG) and OGG (using FFMPEG2Theora). JW Player is used to display one of the derivative formats (depending on the browser being used).

Please ensure that your video files are in a format supported by FFmpeg and that all required libraries are installed.


Once the module is enabled, the Islandora Video Solution Pack Admin panel will be available under Site Configuration in your Drupal Admin panel. From here, you can view and configure the paths to the relevant binaries.

Content Models and Prescribed Datastreams

The Video Solution Pack uses the following content models:

  • islandora:sp-videoCModel
  • islandora:videoCollection 

A video Data Object created using the Video Solution Pack's Content Model will have the following datastreams 


Default Fedora Relationship Metadata Stream


Default Dublin Core Data Stream


Thumbnail for Display


Data Stream holding MODS Metadata


Stores Technical Metadata stripped from the file with ExifTool


Stores MP4 file created on ingest


Stores OGG file created on ingest


Stores MKV file created on ingest


Video file ingested


The default form is called “IslandoraVideoMODSForm”

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