This documentation refers to an earlier version of Islandora. is current.

You can access page-level management options by clicking the 'Pages' tab and then clicking the thumbnail for the page you want to manage.

The Page Management Tab

You can access the page management functions by clicking the 'Manage This Page Object' tab.

View Metadata

This fieldset displays the page-level DC metadata (in most cases this will be fairly sparse).

Update Derived Datastreams

This function allows you to refresh one or more of the Datastreams associated with the page.

  • Refresh OCR for this page: If OCR failed on ingest, or if you change your OCR process, you can redo the OCR for this page.
  • Refresh all derived images: You may need to regenerate the derivative images that get created on ingest - you can do so with this option.

Manage Current Datastreams

Here you can replace or purge one or more Datastreams for the page object.

Add Additional Datastreams

You may want to manually add a Datastream that didn't get created on ingest. You can do so by using this function.

Permanently Delete This Page

You can purge this page while leaving the rest of the book intact. You will be asked to confirm your choice before the page is purged.

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