This documentation refers to an earlier version of Islandora. is current.


The Large Image Solution Pack ingests uncompressed TIFF and TIF images into your repository and uses ImageMagick to create thumbnail and medium sized versions of the image. The thumbnail is displayed to the viewer at the collection level. It also uses Kakadu/Djatoka to create JP2 and lossless JP2 versions, as well as to perform automated region extraction via tiles (permitting users to use the Islandora Image Viewer and zoom in and out of an image).


Content Models and Prescribed Datastreams

The Large Image Solution Pack comes with the following objects:

  • islandora:sp_large_image_cmodel
  • islandora:viewerSdep-large_image_sp
  • islandora:jp2Sdep-large_image
  • islandora:mods2htmlSdep-large_image

A Large Image Data Object created using the Large Image Solution Pack's Content Model will have the following datastreams


Default Fedora Relationship Metadata Stream


Default Dublin Core Data Stream


Thumbnail for Display


Data Stream holding MODS Metadata


Web-viewable JPEG2000 image


Original binary .tiff file

The default form is called “IslandoraLargeImageMODSForm”

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