This documentation refers to an earlier version of Islandora. is current.


The Harvester module allows you to import metadata from OAI-DC URLs and spreadsheets in CSV and TSV format (as long as the column headers correspond to DC metadata fields). Objects will be created with both DC and MODS Datastreams - the MODS metadata simply gets crosswalked from the DC metadata. No binary files (images, audio, PDFs, etc.) will be imported during this process, but these files can be added to the objects after import (if desired).


How to Harvest Metadata Records

Dependencies modules:

  • Islandora Repository
  • Islandora Content Model Forms
  • Islandora XML Forms 
  • Islandora XML Form API 
  • Islandora XML Form Builder 
  • Islandora XML Form Elements 
  • Islandora XML Schema API
  • Objective Forms
  • PHP Lib 
  • Tabs modules:

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