This documentation refers to an earlier version of Islandora. is current.


The File Information Tool Set (FITS) identifies, validates, and extracts technical metadata for various file formats. It wraps several third-party open source tools, normalizes and consolidates their output, and reports any errors. FITS was created by the Harvard University Library Office for Information Systems for use in its Digital Repository Service (DRS) (source:


  1. Download FITS from
  2. Follow the installation instructions at
  3. Edit line 5 in (FITS_HOME='') and give it a home in the Apache user's path.


Navigate to Administer > Site Configuration > Islandora Configuration (admin/settings/fedora_repository) and expand the "Advanced configuration options" tab. Here you can enable FITS support, specify the location of the fits script (on the file system) and the dsid you want to use for the technical metadata datastream.

The System path to fits processor must include "", so it would look like: "/usr/share/fits-0.6.1/" instead of "/usr/share/fits-0.6.1/".

Pathing for FITS does not accept symlinks. Make sure to write the full path.

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