This documentation refers to an earlier version of Islandora. is current.

The Batch Ingest module is a separate, optional module that must be enabled in order to perform batch ingest functions. This functionality was built into Islandora Core in version 11.2, but as of version 11.3 it is a separate module.


The batch ingest module allows you to add several files, metadata records, or a combination of both to a collection at once by first compressing them as a ZIP archive. The files must correspond to an existing content model (for example, one of the solution pack content models) and only one content model can be associated with the contents of each ZIP archive.

MODS or DC metadata may be included in XML format. If the XML files are added to the ZIP archive without corresponding binary files (pictures, audio, etc.) then objects will be created using only the metadata. If corresponding binary files are included they must share filenames with their XML counterparts; e.g. myFile.jpg, myFile.xml, anotherFile.gif, anotherFile.xml.


How to Batch Ingest Files

Dependencies modules:

  • Islandora Repository
  • Islandora Content Model Forms
  • Islandora XML Forms 
  • Islandora XML Form API 
  • Islandora XML Form Builder 
  • Islandora XML Form Elements 
  • Islandora XML Schema API
  • Objective Forms
  • PHP Lib 
  • Tabs modules:

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