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Mark Leggott (President & CEO).  Mark was the founding architect for Islandora. For more than twenty years, he has been at the forefront of research and entrepreneurship in the academic, information technology, and data stewardship sectors. As a professor, University Librarian and a private sector business owner, he continues to show leadership throughout his distinguished career.

Joe Velaidum (Vice-President). Joe is the Vice-President of DGI and is responsible for client  and agent relationship management, business development, lead development, and contract management.  He has been a customer of, and a significant contributor to the development of the Islandora software and has shown leadership in the use of emerging open source technologies at the University of Prince Edward Island, where he is also a professor.

Paul Pound (Chief Technology Officer).  Paul was the chief architect and lead developer for the Islandora software suite. He is responsible for the ongoing technical development and enhancement of DiscoveryGarden’s product and services suite as well as management of our technical services and support team.

John Eden (Chief Operations Officer). John manages the cross-functional issues within the company, creating the proper flow between different tasks, operations, and departments to ensure all elements of the company are working in sync.  He has, for more than a decade, led both private sector and public sector teams in information technology, interactive media, broadcasting and public investment.  John has previously led companies at the VP, Director, and COO levels, and has started and led a start-up company in the video game sector that continues to operate successfully today.

Chris Leary (Chief Financial Officer).  Chris is responsible for the general management of the company’s finances participation in strategic planning activities, preparation and analysis of monthly financial statements and reports, preparation of budgets, funding applications and grants and managing internal revenue and cost control systems.  He is a Chartered Accountant, Certified Management Consultant and Certified Information Systems Auditor with over 23 years of professional experience, including 5 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers Management Consulting practice.

Maria Maund (Project Administrator). Maria graduated from UPEI in 2007 with a BA in Women’s Studies. She spent a number of years working at a local Apple reseller and service provider before coming to DiscoveryGarden in the winter of 2011. As Project Administrator she assists in the planning and implementation of various projects. She is also the go-to person for various miscellaneous tasks. In her spare time she enjoys baking, as well as training and showing her reining horse.

Laura Kelly (Sales & Marketing; Lib20). Laura works part-time on marketing and the Lib2o project at Discovery Garden. When not working at DGI Laura spends her time walking her dog “Sprout” and finishing her PhD in Political Studies at Queen’s University.  She is writing her dissertation on 19th century co-operative theory.



Jonathan Green (Developer). Jonathan is an embedded C/C++ developer who has come over to the darkside (web technology development) and hasn't looked back. At DGI he works with cool web technologies to make Islandora awesome. His hobbies include grepping through linux kernel code, finite state machines, robots and long walks on the beach.

Nigel Banks (Developer). Nigel graduated from UPEI with a Major in Computer science and a minor in Business Administration and Mathematics. He also has project management training. He worked for over 5 years as a Game Developer with Other Ocean Interactive, mostly with C/C++. There he focused on AI, user interfaces, game play, sound, and graphics processing. He also picked up small web/development jobs from UPEI, before coming to DGI. In his spare time Nigel enjoys traveling, drumming, bare foot running, rock climbing, beer tasting and of course programming/software architecture.

Will Panting (Developer).  Will is a programmer/analyst at DGI.  He has a major in Computer Science and a minor in Business from UPEI where he was the president for Bernardine Hall for his last year in residence.  He was a manager at McDonald's before getting a job working for David LeBlanc at UPEI.  Then he joined DGI.  Will  was drawn to Islandora because “it's a wonderfully complex and mostly FOSS stack that is a great way to stretch my abilities with high visibility early in my career”.  His favourite thing about Islandora is that it strives to be a good FOSS community member. He really enjoys his job because he work with some very awesome developers that he can learn a great deal from.  Also, it's next door to four pubs.

Adam Vessey (Developer). Adam is a software developer who came to DGI directly out of the University of Prince Edward Island, where he received his bachelor's in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics.  Adam says, “My being here may be attributed in part to the fact that in my last year at UPEI, I participated in a project course which happened to involved the Islandora software stack.” Adam thinks Islandora is nifty. He tends to spend his free time in some combination of reading, computer games, eating and sleeping.

TJ Lewis (Developer). TJ was born and raised in rural PEI and currently lives in Charlottetown with his wife Kathryn, dog Jax, and cat named Alpine (yes after the beer). He attended Oulton's College in Moncton, NB where he graduated from the Advanced Programming course. He has his Zend Certified PHP Developer certification. TJ enjoys  playing guitar and spending time with friends . Before coming to DGI TJ Spent several years as a Programmer Analyst and Server Administrator for the Province of PEI. Then he moved on to work as an IT Consultant for the largest independent IT firm in the world. He spent four years as a Programmer Analyst and Server Administrator for a company providing software to the non-profit sector. TJ has also worked as a Server Administrator for several Large-Scale web hosting companies.

Jason MacWilliams (Developer). Jason has been sampling all sorts of different parts of the programming world since high school, ranging from small scripting programs and database design all the way up to computational modeling for astrophysics.  He graduated from UPEI in 2007 with physics and math, spent 4 years building his skills at several different companies, and then found himself digging deep into DiscoveryGarden projects.  As the first physicist to join the DiscoveryGarden team, he hopes to help tackle problems from a slightly different perspective than his teammates.

Kirsta Stapelfeldt (Repository Manager). Kirsta Stapelfeldt, (MA, MLIS) is the Repository Manager at the University of Prince Edward Island and manager of UPEI's Islandora project. Through the Robertson Library's Virtual Research Environment Service (VRE service), librarians and developers at UPEI are supporting over 140 repository projects. Kirsta is a graduate of Dalhousie's MLIS program, with a background in project management, online information literacy, knowledge translation, communication, and university teaching.

David Wilcox (Training/Support Coordinator). David provides and coordinates end-user support services for the Islandora/VRE client community. He develops training materials and resources, customizes Islandora instances, and supports the community of Islandora users. David holds a Masters degree in Library and Information Studies from Dalhousie University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in Philosophy from St. Thomas University.

Gervais de Montbrun (Systems Administrator). Gervais manages the servers that support the Islandora projects. He brings over ten years of system administration experience to the project and hopefully keeps everything running so smoothly that no one notices that he is even there.

Richard Wincewicz (Developer). Richard has been working on the Islandora project for just over a year as both a developer and a sys admin. In a previous life he was a research chemist working in the pharmaceutical industry in the UK.

Peter Lux (Library Systems). Peter has been working with Fedora at UPEI since 2008 and presently is working with library systems as well as various Fedora installs. He has also developed custom Islandora implementations with various research labs at UPEI and NRC.

Alan Stanley (Senior UPEI Developer).  Alan has been developing core Islandora code since 2010.  He’s specialized in data transformations, Solr implementation and configuration, and GUI functionality, but finds himself delving into all the dark recesses of Islandora code. Alan is passionate about programming in general, and this project in particular, but he’d rather be out on the water.  It’s important to note that he is not capsizing in this picture, but executing an aggressive low brace turn.

Kris Bulman (Digitization Tech). Kris graduated from the Photography and Digital Imaging program at Holland College in 2007. He has a background in professional photography, technical support, and Drupal theming. As a Digitization Tech, Kris manages and maintains digitization work-flows and equipment to keep things running smoothly.

Donald Moses (Digital Initiatives and Systems Librarian). Donald works with the systems, development, and digitization teams at the Robertson Library.  His favorite Islandora project is, closely followed by and In his spare time he tends bees and likes to make things.

Courtney Matthews (Community Liaison Librarian). Courtney is a graduate of both King’s College (BA) and Dalhousie University (MLIS). He’s the project manger of TourPad, Islandora’s evolving mobile repository discovery app. Courtney’s hobbies include running, wearing suits, and talking about his feelings.

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