Current Release
This documentation covers the latest release of Islandora 7.x. For the very latest in Islandora, we recommend Islandora 8.


Islandora Badges displays various metrics (and other) badges on objects. Each badge is created by a submodule. Available badges include:

  • Altmetrics: display social media interactions
  • Crossref citations: Citation counts via Crossref
  • oaDOI: Provides a link to a fulltext document for objects without a PDF datastream, via the API (Deprecated as of 7.x-1.11)
  • Scopus: Citation counts via the Scopus database
  • Web of Science: Citation counts via Web of Science
  • Unpaywall: Provides a link to a fulltext document for objects without a PDF datastream, via the API

Badges will only display on objects that have a MODS datastream and a DOI (digital object identifier). The xpath to the DOI field is configurable.


This module requires the following modules/libraries:


Release Notes and Downloads


Configuration path is admin/islandora/tools/badges (Administration > Islandora > Islandora Utility Modules > Islandora Badges Configuration).

There are two administration fields:

  • DOI XPath
    • The XPath to the DOI element e.g. /mods:mods/mods:identifier[@type="doi"]
    • A default is included and should serve most repositories, but you can change it if yours is located elsewhere.
    • Identifier attributes are case sensitive. If you would like the XPath to account for both upper and lowercase DOI identifier attributes in MODS records, the following XPath can be used: /mods:mods/mods:identifier[@type="doi" or @type="DOI"]
  • Content models
    • Choose which CModels are able to display badges

Enabling Display

In order to display the badge, you'll need to configure the block. The path is admin/structure/blocks (Administration > Structure > Blocks)

Locate the badge you wish to display (e.g. "Islandora Altmetrics Badge") and select the region you want to display it in, and save.

Example: You should then see the badge you selected in the region of choice.

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