Current Release
This documentation covers the latest release of Islandora 7.x. For the very latest in Islandora, we recommend Islandora 8.

Who is this Guide for?

If you are reviewing Islandora to see if it fits your institution’s needs, this guide will show you how to access and work with an installation of Islandora, and how to use Islandora on your local machine.


If you are looking for a complete guide to installing Islandora and its dependencies on your server, this guide provides technical documentation relating to Islandora. In particular, see the Enterprise Installation section for step-by-step instructions (Chef/Vagrant scripts are available). There is also help in this guide for those wishing to customize Islandora for a particular institution’s needs, and for developers interested in contributing to the project.

If you are looking for developer documentation, go to the Documentation for Developers on Github.

What’s in the Guide?

This guide is about the most recent release of Islandora. It starts with an overview of the software and how to try Islandora out via the online sandbox or virtual image.  This is followed by a user guide to more advanced Islandora features and in-depth installation instructions. The final chapters cover some Islandora customizations and the community surrounding the project. An appendix provides important information and resources to help you understand and work with Islandora.

What’s not in the Guide?

  • Code (that's maintained on Github)
  • In-depth systems configurations (try the deployments repository on Github, or ask the list for advice. Don't forget to contribute your deployment once you've got one!)
  • In-depth trouble shooting (join the group lists mentioned below to get help)
  • Islandora presentations and information about the Islandora Training Camps (for that, you should go to
  • We don't know. You should tell us! Comment on the lists or write us at 

Where to Get Help

To ask questions about Islandora, please join and ask a question on our users or developers email list:

The most recent version of our code is always available for download from GitHub, at

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