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  • Title: Repository identifiers are externally meaningful
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  • Story: The identity subsystem identifies objects and entities in an externally meaningful fashion (ie handles, ARKs).


  1. A. Soroka asks: "

    Ben-- under externalizable IDs, would you buy this:

    Fedora should be able to produce and manage externally-meaningful IDs, without respect to its internal workings...


  2. Can you re-frame this so that it's clearer what the use case is?


  3. I wonder if Fedora is the right place to mint externally meaningfull (i.e. globally unique?) identifiers. I think it would be a far better idea to create a independant service that is able to mint all kinds of identifiers. In a default configuration, it might produce the legacy Fedora "PID", but it might interface with a Handle/DOI/ARC/URN/PURL service to mint globally unique persistent identifiers.

    A use case would be improving the capabilities for participating in the world of linked open data. Another one could be (even though related) creating a graph that spans several Fedora instances
    see use cases

  4. Matthias- I have advocated this very approach in previous "FCRepo 4.x" discussions.  I agree that it would support those use cases; it would also make scale out for ingest more feasible.

  5. Benjamin Armintor can we revisit this use case based on current Fedora 4 functionality? Have the requirements changed?