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Release date: 27 November, 2014

We are proud to announce the production release of Fedora 4.


Release Manager

Andrew Woods (DuraSpace)


Sprint Developers

Community Developers


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Beta Pilots

One of the strategies for both ensuring that Fedora 4 features address community needs as well as forwarding stakeholder projects was the establishment of Beta Pilots. These projects were limited in scope and timeline to focus energy on identified Fedora 4 capabilities which were exercised in a production-like context. 

In the lead-up the the Fedora 4.0 production release, the feedback generated from these pilots was critical in verifying features and surfacing bugs. The outcomes from each pilot project have been published to the wiki, and they will be updated as required:

Technical Working Group

The initial and primary task of the Fedora Technical Working group is to assess the high value/risk areas of the application to determine:

  • Quantitatively how these areas perform in production-like scenarios
  • Whether these areas are presently positioned to meet community requirements, or need to be architecturally revisited


The plans for assessing the top four areas follow:


The results and recommendations of the priority areas of assessment follow:


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