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Attendees: Este Pope, Jennifer Gilbert, Jon Dunn, Robin Ruggaber

Guest: Tim Shearer


  1. Checkins
  2. Reviewing Leadership Team exercises
    1.  Tim shared document summarizing notes from Leadership team exercises
      1. We often talk to the same people. Who is missing that we should talk to?
      2. Who else outside usual communities, and usual staff at institutions
      3. How do we reach out?
    2. Next steps: 
      1. Use the three questions and set up meetings on the calendar:
        1. Going well?
        2. Challenges/Concerns?
        3. Hoping to tackle 1-2 years?
      2. Use the Fedora webinar to engage people
      3. Invite people to meet, ask them to bring a colleague
      4. Goal of the engagement: where is the hunger for Fedora down the road?
    3. Thoughts/discussion
      1. Like the idea of bringing existing users as well as skeptics
      2. Would want to know in advance who is coming so message and folks there to facilitate can address the types of questions that will come up
      3. Important to engage middle management layer
      4. Talking points 
        1. Open Access - as a value
        2. Tim's Toaster analogy - you need something complex enough to model all of the records, not just a basic toaster.
        3. Can we engage key faculty/researchers to advocate for Fedora?
      5. Various stakeholders in our institutions - a key group, they are hard to get to understand/see use of Fedora
      6. Government orgs - records managers also important, values of open source, stability important
    4. Logistics
      1. Communication to leaders about helping facilitate meetings in September/October - 1 for UK, 1 for North America
        1. Can share results at the next Quarterly leadership team and then ask for more volunteers for next one. 
        2. Give questions to participants ahead of time.
        3. Cap attendance at 10 or less, or maybe 3 institutions per call?
        4. Put out an 'all call' and see if we get bites. If we get a ton of responses, we chunk the attendees per area (ex: govt' agencies, liberal arts)
        5. What is the ask - "Future of Fedora" sessions - share about your organization to help with laying groundwork for development work. "Repository support group" - a chance to connect with others using Fedora or interested, a chance to build community.
    5. Revisit other audiences - VPs, etc. how to engage - something for us to think about and talk about later in the fall.
  3. Fedora release party - Friday, August 13th
  4. DLF Twitter Teach on August 17th -
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