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  • Alan Stanley
  • Amy Blau
  • Dana Bronson
  • Dara Virks
  • David Wilcox
  • Kun Lin
  • Paige Morfitt 




  1. What has everyone been working on?
  2. What will you be working on over the next couple weeks?
  3. Are there any blockers that are preventing you from getting work done?
Production Migration Schedule

Priorities and areas of focus

  1. Timeline for remaining work
  2. Possible cut-over date
  3. Documentation tasks
Wrap-up and next steps


  1. Functional requirements
    1. Access controls
      1. Flysystem access to items with access controls
        1. User would need to know the URI to the resource in order to find it. This URI is not knowable or guessable.
        2. Could we use firewall rules to block the ports to Fedora? Most likely.
  2. Scheduling and workflow for moving things into production
    1. Using spreadsheets in Whitman's Google Drive
      1. Tracking spreadsheet open to edits for David and Alan
      2. Collection spreadsheets are publicly viewable but not editable
      3. Whitman has backup copies of the spreadsheets
    2. Almost all archives collections are ready to go in
    3. Most newspapers are ready to go
    4. How to move in limited access collections?
      1. Don't want to expose files on the open web
      2. Only a couple hundred of these
    5. Thesis licenses
      1. In i7 this is a data stream accessible on the backend
      2. Maybe bring over as a separate media?
      3. These are PDFs that indicate how something should be shared
      4. Could create a media type for the license that is not publicly accessible
      5. Should be kept as secure as possible
      6. Amy will write up requirements
    6. Pulling in thumbnails for compound objects
      1. Compound objects do not have OBJs, so we can grab the thumbnail instead
  3. Documentation
    1. Theme docs work with contributed theme
  4. Workbench
    1. Now supports multiple files
      1. Need to turn OCR generation off on prod while ingesting newspapers
  5. Access controls
    1. Using Access by Role
    2. How does this map from XACML?
    3. Will numerical codes for access control terms be the same on staging and prod?
      1. Alan will check after the meeting


  • Amy: Develop requirements for license files and share with Alan
  • Whitman team: Start putting limited access files on the server for Workbench access