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This is the February 2020 edition of the Fedora Newsletter. This newsletter summarizes the most significant activities within the Fedora community over the last month.


Islandora and Fedora Camp in Arizona

The upcoming Islandora and Fedora Camp at Arizona State University, February 24-26, 2020 is nearly full - register today to secure your seat!

Islandora and Fedora Camp, hosted by Arizona State University Libraries, offers everyone a chance to dive in and learn all about the latest versions of Islandora and Fedora. Training will begin with the basics and build toward more advanced concepts–no prior Islandora or Fedora experience is required. Participants can expect to come away with a deep dive Islandora and Fedora learning experience coupled with multiple opportunities for applying hands-on techniques working with experienced trainers from both communities.

The curriculum will be delivered by a knowledgeable team of instructors from the Islandora and Fedora communities, including:

  • David Wilcox, Fedora Program Leader, LYRASIS
  • Melissa Anez, Islandora Project and Community Manager, Islandora Foundation
  • Bethany Seeger, Software Engineer, Johns Hopkins University
  • Seth Shaw, Application Developer, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Danny Lamb, Technical Lead, Islandora Foundation

Fedora 6 Development Progress

The first 2020 Fedora 6 Sprint is now complete. The team focused on resource management (CRUD) operations, Archival Groups, containment, and rebuildability. This was a 1 week sprint with 6 participants. 

High-level accomplishments:

  1. Create Binary Resources (POST and PUT)
  2. Update Binary Resources (PUT)
  3. Support POST on RDF resources
  4. Create Container as Archival Group  (in order to nest resources within an OCFL Object)
  5. Rebuild from Fedora generated OCFL
  6. Transmission fixity
  7. Groundwork laid for fixity on demand
  8. Containment index (preliminary step for supporting display of containment relationships)
  9. Progress on migration-utils (Fedora 3->6)
  10. Bug fixes

We'd like to thank the following people and their institutions for contributing to the sprint:

  • Danny Bernstein, LYRASIS
  • Peter Eichman, University of Maryland
  • Ben Pennell, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Jon Roby, University of Manitoba
  • Peter Winckles, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Andrew Woods, LYRASIS

Activities in Related Communities


  • Slides and a recording of the recent Islandora 8 at the University of Nevada Las Vegas webinar are now available.
  • Slides and a recording of the recent Paged and Complex Content in Islandora 8 webinar are now available.
  • The next Islandora Camp will be held on Prince Edward Island, July 20-22.


Oxford Common File Layout

The latest OCFL community meeting took place on January 8. Notes and audio from the call are available online. The meeting focused on a review of recent community work, including the Fedora 6 implementation, as well as a review of the 1.0 specification roadmap. The next community call will take place on February 12.

Conferences and events

In an attempt to simplify the task of keeping up with Fedora-related meetings and events, a Fedora calendar is available to the community as HTML  and iCal .

If you have not already joined the fedora-project Slack workspace please start by visiting the self-registration form. Come join the conversation!

Upcoming Events

Samvera Camp

Registration is open for the next Samvera Camp at UNC Chapel Hill, April 14-17, 2020. Samvera Camp is open to all developers interested in building skills working with the Samvera technology stack, and is especially focused on the needs of those who are new to the Samvera stack and community.


ILIDE is a major digital library conference held every year in Slovakia; it draws an international group of participants & speakers, with heavy attendance from Eastern and Central Europe. This year's conference takes place April 27-29 and will include a presentation on Fedora 6 and the OCFL from David Wilcox, Program Leader for Fedora.

Past Events

South Central States Fedora User Group Meeting

The South Central States Fedora User Group met at the University of Houston on January 29-30. Each of the institutions represented provided an update on their work with Fedora, and the group also received online updates from representatives of the Avalon, Samvera, and Islandora communities. Slides from the presentations are available on the wiki.

Register Your Repository

Is your repository listed in the registry? Help us maintain reliable information on the community of Fedora users around the world by registering your repository today. You can also request an update to an existing entry by selecting your entry and filling out the online form. 


Fedora is funded entirely through the contributions of LYRASIS members that allocate their annual funding to Fedora. This year's membership campaign has a goal of raising $500,000 to fund staff to work on Fedora and provide technical leadership, direct strategic planning, organize community outreach, and coordinate timely software releases. Membership also provides opportunities to participate in project governance and influence the direction of the software. If your institution is not yet a member of LYRASIS in support of Fedora, please join us today!

New Members

We would like to welcome the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich as our newest member in support of Fedora at the Copper level. LMU Munich is currently developing a Fedora implementation with over 80,000 datasets that they will be prototyping over the next few months.

Get Involved

Fedora is designed, built, used, and supported by the community. An easy and important way that you can contribute to the effort is by helping resolve outstanding bugs. If you have an interest in gaining a better understanding of the Fedora code base, or a specific interest in any of these bugs, please add a comment to a ticket and we can work together to move your interest forward.

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