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South Central States Fedora Users Group Meeting. 

The meeting will include:

presentations on current implementations and work underway at peer institutions

discussion for users considering the tool

Fedora workshops led by Fedora experts and developers

conversations intended to foster collaboration among users and in support of the Fedora project

We ask for attendees to present upon their various projects in either long or short sessions.  


We welcome anyone in the region both currently using Fedora or considering using Fedora for the management of digital assets as a repository or archive.  This meeting is for all ranges of technical skill level.

Registration is open here:


29-30 January 2020


M.D. Anderson Library, University of Houston – Houston, TX

Rooms 10G & 10F, Basement level


Come in through the main entrance, go straight past the service desk and take the spiral staircase or elevator down one level.

University of Houston Campus Map:


M.D. Anderson Library

4333 University Drive

Houston, TX  77204




University of Houston Libraries

University of Texas at Austin Libraries

Texas A&M University


Tentative Agenda

Have topics you would like to discuss, or topics you would like see discussed? Please suggest them! 

This is a tentative agenda - we're pretty flexible and want to be sure that folks are able to get the most out of our time together. Please share any idea you have for presentation, discussion, hacking, etc.

Wednesday -  

Updates on Fedora and institutional projects. Time for discussion of various topics.

9:00-10:00Arrival, coffee, and registration

Welcome and Introductions

10:15-11:00Fedora Updates and Discussion
11:00-11:45University of Houston DAMS update

Texas A&M Update

2:15-3:00UT Update
3:00-3:15Coffee Break
3:15-4:30Group discussion: Implementing Agile Scrum
6:00 PM (optional)Group dinner at TBD

Thursday -  

Updates on Fedora-based software solutions. Alternately, we could see if attendees are interested in learning and Fedora skills in a hands-on workshop

10:00-10:45Avalon Update and DiscussionRep from the Avalon project will update us on goals and progress
10:45-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-11:45Samvera Update and DiscussionReps from Samvera, to update us on Hyrax and Hyku goals and progress
12:00-12:45Islandora Update and DiscussionRep from the Islandora project will update us on goals and progress
12:45-1:00Wrap-up and Discussion

Other Information




Implementing Agile Scrum:





  1. Links provided by UH on presentations they have done on their DAMS in the past: 

    * [Hitting the Road Towards a Greater Digital Destination: Strategic Planning and Evaluation of DAMS at the UH Libraries](
    * [Moving On Toward A Greater Digital Destination: An Update from the DAMS Task Force](
    * [Hitting the Road towards a Greater Digital Destination: Evaluating and Testing DAMS at the University of Houston Libraries](
    * [Collaborative Metadata Application Profile Development for DAMS Migration](
    * [Moving on to a Greater Digital Destination: Implementing Digtial Asset Management and Preservation Systems at UH Libraries](
    * [Outside The Box: Building a Digital Asset Management Ecosystem for Preservation and Access](
    * [Bayou City DAMS: Outside the Box](
    * [Outside The Box: Building a Digital Curation Ecosystem for Preservation and Access](