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  1. Danny Bernstein
  2. Andrew Woods
  3. Ben Pennell
  4. Peter Eichman
  5. Jared Whiklo (star)
  6. Mohamed Mohideen Abdul Rasheed
  7. Aaron Birkland
  8. Youn Noh
  9. Dan Field
  10. Jenny A'Brook
  11. Richard Williams
  12. Michal Dulinski
  13. Remigiusz Malessa


  1. Note taker? 
  2. Retrospective
    1. What worked 
    2. What did you find challenging 
    3. what you would change 
  3. Outstanding tickets
  4. What can we present to the community vis-a-vis the sprint?
  5. Inter-sprint availability
  6. Wrap up


  1. What worked.
    1. Aaron Birkland
      1. Slack worked very well, being able to ping people.
      2. Creating and sharing examples with Gists and Google docs for fleshing out details.
      3. The Open questions page.
    2. Andrew Woods
      1. Lot of engagement, people felt open to talking about the various topics related to the sprint.
      2. Design effort of the first week
      3. Time zones are challenging, but having a point person locally being empowered to move the work forward without a bottleneck.
    3. Dan Field
      1. collaborative technologies, esp JIRA
      2. Discrete units of work ( ie migration utils project structure)  made it clear what needed to be done.
    4. Mohamed Rashed
      1. Design diagrams and workflow documents helped the discussions very well
    5. Pennell
      1. Documents for working out problems
      2. PR to demonstrate what something might look like
    6. Jared Whiklo
      1. I agree
    7. Bernstein
      1. Communication was good.
      2. Design effort was good.
  2. What did you find challenging
    1. Aaron Birkland Local schedule
    2. Andrew Woods
      1. Available time
      2. Didn't seem able to kick start documentation effort.
    3. Dan Field
      1. New codebase. Jumping into the deep-end.
      2. New technologies (OCFL, Github).
      3. Took longer to get up to speed then expected.
      4. Hard to do documentation until you have a tool to work with.
    4. Mohamed Rashed
      1. Getting up to speed with the plan.
      2. Took a bit to get pieces in place before really getting to flesh out tickets.
    5. Pennell
      1. Dropped the hole backend and trying to re-implement which brought up more and more design decisions
      2. Some text exchanges could get hard to follow.
      3. OCFL stuff seems a little up in the air.
    6. Jared Whiklo : 
      1. it took a long time to understand the codebase and now we're revamping everything. 
      2. Requires rethinking everything.
    7. Bernstein
      1. Lots of discussion/planning
      2. Getting the tickets to flow
  3. What would I change
    1. Pennell
      1. Do more implementation.
      2. Helpful to put stand-up messages in a separate Slack channel to avoid other messages getting buried.

Suggestions for improvement: 

  • Daily summaries of major discussions on slack so people can get the essence of the back and forth without having to read through all the slack communication.
  • Separate channel for  daily summaries of key conversations
  • Separate channel for standups.
  • When decisions are taken in face to face discussions of PRs,  it is good to capture that decision in a PR comment at or around the related lines of code.

What to present to the community? 

A one-page summary and 5 minute video highlighting what was accomplished.  Andrew Woods and Danny Bernstein to collaborate on it with sound bites from the team members.

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